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    Annuity Consults/ Annuity Appointments are a SCAM!

    I sell annuities in Florida and bought a marketing programs from this company. they work out of San Diego. I bought a package of pre-set annuity sales appointments from this company for $2000.00 to be delivered 6 to 8 a week. What I got was usually 4 names and addresses of empty houses each week (no one home). They insisted that the agent NOT call to confirm the appointment. On the rare chance that I did find someone at home they said that they only agreed to let me "stop by to drop something off for them" to get that "rude person" off the phone. After 6 weeks and 20+ non appointments, I tried to talk to someone, but there was no one to talk to me. They promise a response to an email within an hour - it's been almost a month! They were not setting appointments for me but some vague drive by drop off where I have to try to talk my way in from the front porch. That is not what I would have considered a pre-set appointment. I'm good at getting in the door but when 80% of the door are empty...No one retuns calls or letters. They are now setting up a new web site as Annuity Appoinments to suck in more people. BEWARE!undefined

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    Re: Annuity Consults/ Annuity Appointments are a SCAM!

    I've had the same exact story on 17 non-appts. They are unprofessional to point of amazement. What is needed is to determine who is behind their scam and bring a class action.

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