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    I Love Not Having A Cellphone

    I am off the grid. No cell phone, no more 50 to 100 txt messages all day. I am loving not having to carry it either.

    I feel liberated

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    Re: I Love Not Having A Cellphone

    I have a Tracfone, only have it on occassionally, like when I have to make a call when out or am on the road.

    Other than that it's off. People used to ask me why I didn't carry one and I told them that if I wanted to be available to take a call I would be at home to take it. Same thing with the cell phone. If I wanted to get calls on it, I would have it on and definitely would belong to some kind of plan.

    Rules in my house, come visit me, turn off your phone. If you start texting or talking on your phone, then leave. You obviously are much too busy to stay and visit.


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    Re: I Love Not Having A Cellphone

    Not being teathered to a cellphone all the time can be a good thing.
    There is not one woman on this planet capable of finishing an entire can of soda.

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