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    Re: Double Action Formula

    I received this letter as well and like you I have been scammed too many times .I considered doing it but I believe I will hold off .If anybody hears anything positive I would appreciate hearing about it.I`ll check back here .

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    Re: Double Action Formula

    I Do Own The Double Action Formula And All It Is Is A Marketing Plan For Direct Marketing. Letter 1 Goes To A Mailing List Broker And Letter 2 Goes To A Print & Mail Company. You Pay For The Print & Mail Co. To Print & Mail Your Sales Pieces To The Mailing List That You've Provided. I Say That The System DOES WORK DEPENDING ON YOUR MAILING LIST & SALES LETTER! I Do Know That If You Have A Good Sales Letter That Is Mailed To Customers Who Are Looking For The Products That You Are Offering That Continued Mailings Will Make Sales. It Depends On What You're Selling!

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