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    Newspaper Ad for Sony TX Series Laptop... Scam?

    Hey guys... this week I saw this ad in the paper...

    LAPTOP—Sony TX Series! Never used, still in box. Pentium 4, 512MB, 80GB, WindowsXP, $400.

    These laptops are awesome but expensive as hell... so I took the bait and called...

    I couldn't contact the guy on Sunday,

    I couldn't contact the guy on Monday, that's when I realized that even though it was a local number it was more than likely a free voicemail service or an IP phone... because the prefix was not one of the ones commonly found in my area.

    Today I call the guy and he calls me back.. He says they don't have a store in my area but they have a payment center... One of the payment centers was a Check Advance place... the other was "Jewel O-S-C-O." This guy had never heard of Jewel/Osco which probably meant he wasn't from our country. I told him I didn't have time to make a payment today but I would pay him tomorrow.

    Then I asked him... how was he able to sell a $1600 laptop so cheap... He said once a year Sony allows his store to sell products at wholesale prices. He said he only has two left... So I said how would I go about placing an order and he said I would give him my info... and he would give me his info and I would go to the payment center and make the payment. I said I needed to do some more research and if he's registered with the better business bureau... he said no, people usually are with the bbb are usually there because they've done something wrong. He said he's had no compaints in 8 years.

    I told him I'd call him back.

    So I did a google search using some of the key words in the ad and found that this same offer is being offered in different areas in the Midwest...

    First off... I'm not going to buy a computer from this guy... but I want to find out more about the company so I can put him away. Has anyone had any similar experiences to this?
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    Re: Newspaper Ad for Sony TX Series Laptop... Scam?

    I suggest calling your newspaper to report it. Its clear cut fraud, and such advertisements are illegal.

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