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    anyone have any information on thewealthfinder.com?

    i was looking at this, but i'm not able to find any other information.

    let me know if you've any experience or knowledge.
    thank you,

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    Re: anyone have any information on thewealthfinder.com?

    Okay, I looked at it. Here's what I found. First, it's breaking the law. If a site claims buyers can earn a certain income, then (according to the FTC) it also must give the number and percentage of previous purchasers who achieved the earnings. I couldn't find that information, could you?

    Also, it uses the standard answer to why they charge for it: "the fee is more like a motivational tool than anything else."

    Finally, it uses generic terms instead of stating what you have to do. It talks about the "system." I read it and I can't figure out what you would be doing. Finally, they don't a list an address or a phone number to contact on their site. No disclaimer policy and they are not members of the BBB.

    I would not do business with them. Plus, they might say they give a rebate after nine weeks and you'll have to trust them because ClickBank (which is how they take payment) only offers refunds for 60 days. After that, you're screwed.

    But that's just what I saw.

    My own effort to combat the scams:
    Work from Home Guide.

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