On December 16/2011 i paid Baktur and Baktur $2200.00 to assist with editing and finding companies to submit grants for approval.
I had completed all the required assignments on March 11 2012 and was told that the proposal would be complete and ready to send in 2-4 weeks.I worked very hard on my grant compiling over 100 hours of work and wrote over 60 pages of quality content.
From this point on my entire relationship with Baktur turned into a black horrific hole, filled with excuses, false,promises that my proposal in the mail,but never able to provide tracking numbers.
Once the 120 days from contract expired no credit card disputes are possible,and hence at this point Baktur could care less about my grant.I wrote and left over 60 messages and email a month again "its in the mail"
Sadly only after posting numerous complaints did i finally hear from management. On 6/28 they sent the proposal but no companies to submit my grant to.I also at the time of purchase spent an extra $200.oo for the warranty of service to provide a money back guaranteeing if the grant failed to get funded.No submissions means no grant.
In light of the worst service i have ever endured i asked for a full refund and was told i would receive it in the mail. Again nothing happens, no calls response, and my phone numbers are now auto routed to vmail.
This company has taken much more then the $2,200, they lifted up my hopes ,and then destroyed my dreams. I am 57 years old needed the grant for a start up business to help supplement retirement.Now my wife is totally frustrated for maxing out my credit card card ,and getting nothing in return.Without some funding i can not expand ,and now are very close to losing my business.This is the worst service company i have ever ever seen. Needs to pay for their crimes,and their total disregard for doing what was committed to.
Do not ever deal with this firm or only expect nothing more then heart ache, and sadness.