I'm hoping to travel with from the Southwest United States to Toronto, Canada for a vacation at the end of August with my two dogs. Since, airlines don't allow dogs to fly anymore and since driving there is a logistical and financial hardship I've been seeking out alternative ways to travel with them. (I looked into Pet Airways, but my one dog is too big to fly with them.) So, after looking on the internet I found a website called: www.dogtravel.net that claims for an annual membership fee of $29.00 it will arrange for one to travel with their pets by air with his or her dog traveling in the cabin in the adjacent seat. Before deciding to join I looked the company up on the Better Business Bureau site, made several inquiries and sent an e-mail asking a little about their company and if it was possible for me to book my trip with them. But, after sending two emails to them and calling them a few times at normal business hours of the day, I have received no response from them. Also, after rechecking their profile on the BBB I their rating went from an A- to an F. So my question is: Is Dog travel company a real enterprise or just a scam? Has anyone used them or heard of them before? If it is a scam does anybody know of any legitimate pet travel companies that offer what Dog Travel claims to offer?
If someone could answer my questions soon I would appreciate it because I have to plan this trip and my time is running out.