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    Avant Soft LABS..another scam identified

    Just joined this site and am really enjoying the wealth of valuable information available. :)

    Yesterday, I must have read threads for several hours. Most verified my true thoughts about many of the scams out there whether they come through job posting websites or other sites, such as work at home or own your own business items.

    Of course we would all love to find some real work at home jobs that are legitimate. Unfortunately, other than survey work, there doesn't seem to be much out there in the internet. What does boggle the mind is how many scams are out there and how important it is to be able to see through them quickly.

    Here's the latest scam offer I recieved through Careerbuilder.com.
    I have yet to see anything on the threads about this and do apologize
    if I am duplicating.


    My name is Viktor Prudin, I am the manager of a HR department of
    Avant Soft LABS, Inc. I'd like to offer a perfect vacancy for you.
    The vacancy of a Financial Manager.

    Let me give you some facts about our company first:
    Avant Soft LABS, Inc. (ASL) was registered back in 1998. The primary
    focus of ASL is design, development, and support of operational and
    financial software applications for the oil and gas industry. We are
    interested in working on the markets of all countries without
    exceptions and see promotion of its services through the network of
    representatives. ASL also provides consulting services including
    business process consulting, project management, as well as systems
    analysis and integration.
    Recently we have been receiving a great number of applications for
    our services from customers in the USA and Canada. As we are strongly
    interested to grant the best services and in the shortest dates to
    overcome all the difficulties that are likely to appear, we decided
    to establish a vacancy of the financial manager to deal with the
    transactions of relatively small amounts of 1000-6000 USD.

    So today, we are glad to offer you to:

    :: become a part of our company
    :: join a team of highly qualified specialists
    :: get a prestigious part time job

    The main advantages of working as a Financial Manager are:

    :: You don't need any experience or specific knowledge
    :: You don't need to make any advance payments
    :: This job won't take much of your time

    Your range of duties will include:

    :: Receiving payments for the ordered software applications and
    consulting servives from the Avant Soft LABS, Inc. clients to
    your bank account
    :: Withdrawing the funds and transferring them further to our
    managers in one of the our branches

    The transfer should be done by the means of WU or MG services to
    fasten the process of the delivery of the funds. Your
    salary is 10-25% commission out of every deposit that you receive
    to your bank account.

    If you are interested in this job and would like to get more
    information, you can just write an email to us, and our managers
    will give a prompt and competent reply.

    We are looking forward to working with you!
    Your email was given by 3rd party website careerbuilder.com on our
    request, as you or someone else subscribed to a job opportunities

    Yours faithfully,
    VIktor Prudin.

    I have some friends I am going to have to educate on recognizing these and all the other scams out there. One friend will be looking for a new job soon. Another friend looking for a new job now just calls me up and asks me and I go to wherever she is looking on the internet and can usually confirm for her.

    I am so glad I found this site and look forward to discussing more issues. :)

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    Re: Avant Soft LABS..another scam identified

    This scam has been going around for a while. The same scam letters with different names, and sometime different jobs.
    Don't get scammed. Check out all opportunities or Companies before doing business.

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    Re: Avant Soft LABS..another scam identified

    I just received this e-mail & knew it was a scam as soon as it said money would be deposited into my bank account. Yeah right!! I didn't just fall off the truck!! Has anybody turned these e-mails over to the authorities??

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    Re: Avant Soft LABS..another scam identified

    slight and shorter variation here:

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