I run a business here in the DFW area and apparently when you get a new sales tax number, the state puts your info up for all other businesses to see and you are sent TONS of spam and solicitors.

YellowBooks was one of them. They sent me a "Get entered into the Phone Book for free" postcard in the mail, I read over it making sure no fees were hidden. So nothing on the postcard. Great.

I get a bill in the mail 6/20/2012 for $1970.00 for advertising since 02/2010. I called raising cane about it and they stated that I signed an agreement. They are liars, deceivers, and need to be shut down. They are killing tons of trees anyways. Who uses a phone book anymore? We all use electronics these days to get our information. NOT A PAPER GIANT PHONE BOOK.

Oh and I'm not even listed in their phone book on top of that! Total scam artist trying to steal from small businesses. I've reported their practices to the BBB.

Again, watch out for Yellow Book.