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Thread: I love recipes!

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    I love recipes!

    As weird as it sounds.. I DO love cookbooks and reading recipes. I rarely use them as they are written. I love making them my own and love getting the compliments for a great meal!

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    Re: I love recipes!

    I am like the polar opposite. I watch Hells Kitchen, Master Chef, Master Chef Australia, Kitchen Nightmares, Iron Chef, etc.

    People love giving me cook books, and I never open them, I regift them.

    This is MY rule....I get to look at a recipe for 1 minute 90% I use internet. I might jot down a couple of the things. I mostly know what goes in it. Then I cook. MAAAAAYBE one peek for a temp or time.

    Katie PM me your address, I'll send you a few books. :

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