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    Men In Black 3 Was Terrible

    Come on seriously? This was the best they could do in 2012?!!!

    The Men In Black franchise pioneered special effects. They pushed the envelope in the past. This movie was on cruise control in my opinion. Lazy directing.

    The villian was weak (shot spikes? wow...terrifying)

    The whole time travel was weak. The whole loose cop, tight cop is so overdone, they could have expanded the characters a bit. The dialogue was flat and predictable.

    Did anyone here like it? Was I just tired and cranky?

    I will say this GREAT ENDING. Won't spoil it, but really really clever.

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    Re: Men In Black 3 Was Terrible

    I think thats because there's hardly any new movies coming out and people are drooling for entertainment because of the depressive state of the world.
    Do you have something to share about this topic?

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    Re: Men In Black 3 Was Terrible

    Quote Originally Posted by iamwil View Post
    any new movies?

    the dicktator...now that was funny yet terrible....

    the avengers..chernobyl, battleship, the huntsmen what to expect, dark shadows, bernie, marigold, greater glory, crooked arrows....

    movies are coming out like crazy....
    MIB III was a great summer movie. Time travel is always tricky and I tend to like the movies that play with it without thinking to much, like Back To the Future...

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