We have Dish Network and husband wanted to upgtrade from 200 channels to 250 channels so I looked on there site and it showed that there would be a $10 increase so I called only to discover that our bill would increase from $58 a month to $85 a month. I asked them why there site said it was a $10 difference and they said it was because of this that and the other thing. I told them I was already paying for this that and the other thing and their math did not make any sense if the only thing I was doing was going from 200 channels to 250 channels and according to their own website is was a $10 increase not a $23 increase. After 3 minutes of double talk trying to explain to me how they did the calculations I told them thank you for your time and whn our contract expires in Nov we are NOT renewing! Satellite companies feel that they can do whatever they want w/o consideration for their cutomers. They change the channels by removing channels whenever they want w/o contacting the customer. How is this legal since the customer has a contract? If any other company changed the contract w/o the customer approval they would be violating several laws and end up in court. Satellite companies also lock you into a 2 year contract so that if they make these changes w/o your knowledge or approval there is nothing you can do about it. Seriously? In Nov I am so done with satellite, if I can't watch it on the internet for free then I don't need it!