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    Roomster.Net (WATCH OUT They'll Take Your Money Even If You Don't Use Their Site)

    WATCH OUT! I signed up on this website to list a room I had for rent originally they told me it was free but then like most sites that say they're free you can't really do anything until you give them some of your money and because I was desperate to find somebody to share my two bedroom apartment I thought OK well $6.00 isn't going to hurt anything and this will allow me to post my AD on their site for about 4 days, so I went ahead and gave them my debit card info (which I will never ever do again on any website) and I paid the 5 dollars and some change checked back a couple times but a friend decided to move in so I stopped checking the site and thought everything was fine because once my 4 days was up I wouldn't be charged anything else. So then a month goes by and they charge me $29.95 which caused my account to be overdrawn 4 times because of some little purchases I made prior to them taking this money out of my account so I immediatly called my bank and filed a claim I tried calling them but when I cannled their toll free number I got a recording with a guy speaking asking me to visit their webiste when I waited to see if there would be more options it disconnected me and I thought to myself well thats a bad sign you can't even speak with anybody directly you have to E-Mail them. So then while I'm in the process of disputing this charge they again charge me $29.95 and at this point I'm faxing paperwork back and forth with my bank and E-Mailing their customer service "help desk" back and forth and all they can tell me was that it said in the fine print you have to cancel your membership or you'll be charged! WHAT? Are you kidding me what membership, it asked me to choose an option and I chose to pay 5 dollars and some change to post my AD for 4 days I didn't want a membership what gives them the right to take money from my account when I didn't authorize it. They're basically laughing at me now as they have almost 70 dollars from me and I hardly used their site, and their CS team is not helpful at all I found them to be very rude and unhelpful they basically told me oh well you should have read through everything but I never would have thought listing an AD for 4 days would cost me $70.00 but I am going to do whatever I have to to get my money back from them because what they did was sneaky and I'd advise everyone not to use their site at all. Any suggestions on what I can do to settle this matter would be appreciated! Thanks a lot!


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    Re: Roomster.Net (WATCH OUT They'll Take Your Money Even If You Don't Use Their Site)

    It sucks but you have to read the terms and conditions before joining anything.

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