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    Investment Clubs

    I have found The Oxford Club [www.oxfordclub.com] to be entirely legit as is everything associated with Agora Publishing. However, I have recently received an invitation to join what purports to be a low cost membership-only investment club and want to know if anyone has any experience with THE HIGHLANDER CLUB run by an information publishing house, Lombardi Publishing Corp.

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    Re: Investment Clubs

    I received information in the mail to join this club, but I also want to know if they have something legitimate to offer!!!

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    Re: Investment Clubs

    The Highlander Club isn't a investment club. They're a entrpreneru and business club. Just newsletters with how-to raise capital, finding money sources, other business oppurtunity.

    Not bad, I paid $40 for a year pls reports. Harmless but not worth it for stocks

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