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    USA Going For Olympic Gold In Zio-Nazi Ass Kissing

    Get out your hankies everybody. Time to vomit again. Israel also demanded that Syria and Iran be banned from this year's summer games.

    The Olympic committee has maintained a strict policy of not allowing the Olympics to be used for political statements following the US boycott of the games in 1980.

    To their credit, they prudently told Israel to shut the fuck up.

    There have already been moments of silence for Munich in previous games.

    Besides, the World is tired of Israel's constant whining and flow of crocodile tears.

    Banning Syria and Iran won't help the Israelis' chances of winning medals anyway.. which is next to zero.


    Congressmen Urge Silent Moment For Munich Victims


    US Representatives Eliot Engel and Nita Lowey, both Democrats from New York, announced Friday the introduction of House Resolution 663, calling on the International Olympic Committee to commemorate the 1972 Munich attack during the 2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremonies.

    "The best case against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter"
    -- Winston Churchill

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    Re: USA Going For Olympic Gold In Zio-Nazi Ass Kis

    That picture is great. The Dchris you are right, Olympics are not to be used for politics.:judges:

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