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    Qaida's list of favorite, least favorite Westerners

    Al-Qaida's list of favorite, least favorite Westerners
    Latest warning video from terror group names enemies, friends in U.S., Britain

    WASHINGTON In the latest video from al-Qaida warning of an imminent terrorist attack on the U.S., five specific "Zionist crusader missionaries of hate" are named, while three Westerners, including one American, are actually praised for their efforts toward "peace."

    Those singled out as enemies of al-Qaida are Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Steven Emerson, Michael Scheuer and, of course, President Bush. The first three are WND contributors and outspoken media figures who warn about the growing threat of Islamo-fascism. Scheuer is the former head of the CIA unit assigned the mission of hunting down Osama bin Laden.

    Perhaps more surprising than a list of enemies all of whom were directed to convert at once and be accepted into the brotherhood of Islam was a slightly shorter list of al-Qaida friends in the West.

    That list includes Seymour Hersh, the investigative reporter for the New Yorker who most recently claims the U.S. directed the Israeli attack on Hezbollah in Lebanon. Two Brits are also mentioned in a favorable light by Adam Gadahn, the American spokesman for al-Qaida. They were George Galloway of the House of Commons and Robert Fisk, who writes for the London Independent.

    While Gadahn was issuing the statement warning Americans of an impending attack, Galloway was also getting high marks from the terrorist group Hamas, operational allies with al-Qaida.

    Hamas' Syrian-based boss, Khaled Mishaal, hailed Galloway for his courage after meeting with him in Damascus. He also thanked him for his opposition stands in the British Parliament and support for the resistance in "Palestine."

    Originally posted by Americanadian
    Palin: Omit the "i" and you're left with "Pain".

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    Re: Qaida's list of favorite, least favorite Westerners

    WELL!?frank!?in your FAVOR i GUESS MOST can say this!?I'M not on the LIST!?hehe!!just askin.....like you SHOULD!?hehe!!.......

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    Re: Qaida's list of favorite, least favorite Westerners

    WND WND????? I wondered if you had pressed the wrong key N is next to M.
    Then I realised WND is World Net Daily. This piece of **** internet rag is saying some of their contributors are on Al Qeda enemy list HAHAHA I dont think Al Qaida even knows WhoTF they are just like most of the western world. Talk about Self Promotion.
    Islamo-fascism??? What about Christo-fascism...religio-fascism is a more apt term.
    These arseholes arent even in the same league as Robert Fisk who probably doesnt give a toss about this sort of crap and is a writer these other morons can never hope to match in insight and ability.
    You are really stretching here
    Get a job.

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