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    Richard Yapco is a scam artist!

    This con artist Richard Yapco responded to my craigslist posting for my purse for sale, and offered to use a bank to bank wire transfer for payment. At the last minute, the so-called student emails me claiming that I owe him money falsely accusing me of selling him a fake replica. He claims that he issued payment for more than the what the bag is worth, 20T pesos or about $400 USD more, and asked me to wire back his money. Then, he said he would keep the purse, and just wanted the difference. He is also falsely claiming that my purse is from a local market in Manila Divisoria. He is now threatening me that he will file reports with FTC, FBI IC3, Interpol, and craigslist. Please be careful with this individual. I am not the only person he has tried to scam.

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    Re: Richard Yapco is a scam artist!

    Alexander Leonio sold fake rubber shoes through Ebay

    Alexander Leonio

    Bided at ebay on an item claimed to be authentic. Payment Method that he required was: Bank to Bank Wire Transfer Payment Date: Mar-07-2006 Additional Details: item not at all authentic. you can buy same item in Greenhills (PLACE KNOWN FOR SELLING KNOCK-OFF COPIES OF FAMOUS BRANDS)for a significantly lower price or PHP950- US$18), without having to pay for the ghastly over priced delivery (was charged US$50 for a local registered mail worth less than PHP 15- about US$3). I had bidded on the item since the seller had stated that it was "authentic". If you considered the charge of the shipping and the description, you will definitely see FRAUD here.

    Tried to get in touch with Mr. Leonio through email and through his "contact seller" at Ebay- he ignored it. Went through the whole process of mediation at Ebay. Ended up being called a "liar" as he called all who called his product a fake.

    Filed appropriate report at FTC, FBI IC3, Interpol, and Ebay.

    But Ebay continues to allow him to trade rip-off items through their facility! I believe that Ebay must also be held liable since on the oset of getting bad feedbacks for this person they (Ebay) should have cut-off his account to prevent future victims.

    His other Ebay account is badminton_blue. You may check the items he had sold -mostly rubber shoes and compare the way it was presented in both accounts.

    He has already kept his feedback "private" so not to expose of his other victims, but I was able to open in up using Google. These are the exchanges he had with his victims:

    non-paying bidder beware! By Seller nmachiaveli (private) Mar-31-06 21:33 7744991035
    Reply by jsmooth3: Found out nmachiaveli sells FAKE Jordans!!! Buyer beware of nmachiaveli!!! Apr-01-06 12:13

    blueboss-Sells Fake Jordans!!!! BEWARE!!!! lives in u.s. charges to much for shipping!!!
    Seller nmachiaveli (private) Apr-01-06 11:54 7744991035
    Rating Withdrawn by eBay: Buyer didn't respond to the Unpaid Item notification for this transaction. Learn more. Mar-10-06 20:45

    blueboss -locals beware!! Charges US$35 for local delivery! actual cost 120peso (US$2.50)
    Seller nmachiaveli (private) Mar-06-06 18:07 7746170979 Reply by nmachiaveli: EMS DOES NOT COST $2.50! did not pay for item-strike given..beware of this liar! Mar-06-06 19:55

    afrosaxonfive5 IRRESPONSIBLE eBayer and a DUMB-ASS! Chose not to send pymt-strike given!by Seller nmachiaveli (private) Jan-29-05 13:29 5742808580
    Reply by afrosaxonfive5: Fraudulent seller. A$$hole gave a strike because I wouldnt fall for his trick. Jan-31-05 02:08
    Follow-up by nmachiaveli: This eBayer should NOT be allowed to bid..Absolutely NO credibility! Feb-01-05 23:09

    pallanez312 Shoes were stained! and FAKE! Please do not waste money like I have!

    nmachiaveli (privat) 13.03.06 21:53 7744594057 Antwort von nmachiaveli: Items from my collection are NEVER stained! They are REAL! Beware of this liar! 14.03.06 08:57

    Non-paying bidder and an irresponsible LIAR! BEWARE!!!
    Seller nmachiaveli (private) Jan-26-06 12:39 7738029781

    Reply by mtl_troopers: camara then outta nowhere send me pics & the SHOES are FAKES! I DON'T BUY FAKES!

    You can easily verify these inputs using your own google.

    Now he is using a fictitious name (jennifermla) to claim that his other victim was the scammer?

    Alexander Leonio is the scammer!

    He is known of using nmachiaveli and badminton_blue at ebay and jennifermla over here!
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    Re: Richard Yapco is a scam artist!

    I'm glad I came across your post. My experience with Richard Yapco was very similar to yours. Please beware of dishonest and malicious con-artists like Richard Yapco from Mandaluyong, Philippines.

    Richard Yapco made untruthful statements about a person, Alexander Leonio, and had them published in writing through broadcast media. The conflict began when the defamer, Richard Yapco, purchased a pair of authentic Lacoste shoes from an auction Alexander Leonio had on eBay. When Richard Yapco changed his mind and asked for a refund, Alexander Leonio denied his request because nowhere on his eBay listing did it say that refunds or exchanges were accepted. So when Richard Yapco demanded a different style, his request was again denied. Alexander Leonio had one pair of authentic Lacoste shoes from California to list on eBay, that's it. When Alexander Leonio took a stand and denied his demands, that's when Richard Yapco started to falsely claim that they were fake. Richard Yapco is a malicious scam artist trying to injure a person's reputation and standing in the community. Because libel is a tort (a civil wrong), Alexander Leonio has brought a lawsuit against Richard Yapco, who made the false statements. The bottom line is defamatory speech distributed over the Internet will result in civil liability for the defamer.

    The following are present in this case to establish defamation:

    1. A defamatory statement (or material) or imputation;
    2. The statement (or material) identifies the plaintiff; and
    3. The statement (or material) is published to a third person, i.e. at least one person other than the plaintiff.

    Unfortunately, the defamatory statements made by Richard Yapco have already been published to at least one website. Once a person views the material that has been uploaded, sent or posted on the Internet, that material is regarded as having been published. Republication is also a recognized form of publication. Accordingly, taking defamatory material, copying and distributing it will result in a defamation claim against the original writer of the material as well as the persons who copied and distributed it. The truth is Alexander Leonio has been very professional and polite in trying to resolve this matter. Unfortunately, it was not possible to do so amicably with a con artist like Richard Yapco.

    The online auction site eBay gives the option for members to make their feedback comments private to help remedy situations like this where retaliatory and defamatory feedbacks were received from dishonest eBayers like Richard Yapco. He won't list the other 50 positive feedbacks received from honest eBayers because that would ruin his lies. These are malicious individuals who either chose not to issue payment or demanded a different size or style after winning an auction in which all sales are final. The bottom line is it's unacceptable to change your mind after winning an eBay auction because it is a legally binding contract. Richard Yapco is not fooling anyone. He came across fake Lacoste replicas at his local market, and would rather keep those instead of the authentic pair he won.

    The non-paying bidders either have an overall negative feedback score or are no longer registered users. The negative feedback they left were simply retaliatory and defamatory. Alexander Leonio has never sold a single fake or misrepresented item. That is the truth, and the evidence will speak for itself! All items from his collection were purchased in the USA over a period of several years.

    The real con artist here is Richard Yapco. It’s unfortunate that scammers from overseas can register themselves inside the USA with fake information, which he did with a couple screen names. This scam artist not only fabricates his stories, but will also try to ruin your overall feedback score. He is connected to at least two other eBay accounts with overall negative feedback scores (jerrycollins69 aka lordrowel_06). This past year has been the worst for scams. Buyer beware has now been replaced with seller beware. Lesson learned, if your high bidder writes to you claiming to be from the USA, but wants the item shipped elsewhere that should raise a red flag.

    Here’s some of the feedback defamer Richard Yapco failed to “take the liberty of getting”. The following comments belong to nmachiaveli aka badminton_blue aka Alexander Leonio.

    Buyer muscat0502( 157Feedback score is 100 to 499) Apr-22-06 19:07 7747645265 Apr-23-06 18:34
    Positive feedback rating Excellent seller.Super fast delivery.Highly recommended.Thanks a lot.

    Buyer ruudvn1( 3 ) Apr-20-06 10:14 7752946667
    Positive feedback rating great to do business with!

    Buyer mochachocolatepig( 3 ) Apr-05-06 22:43 7741204376
    Positive feedback rating Excellent eBayer...Highly Recommended...A Pleasure.......A+++++++++++++

    Buyer daddywags69( 200Feedback score is 100 to 499) Mar-16-06 13:07 7746875113
    Positive feedback rating Excellent eBayer...Highly Recommended...A Pleasure.......A+++++++++++++

    Buyer daddywags69( 200Feedback score is 100 to 499) Mar-16-06 13:06 7748639123
    Positive feedback rating Item as good as in picture. Hope for more future contacts.

    Buyer richardyapco( 19Feedback score is 10 to 49) Mar-15-06 23:49 7746875154
    Positive feedback rating THANKS! I received my package in excellent condition. Thanx for working with me.

    Buyer kfowlkes2k4( 2 ) Mar-10-06 09:39 7744580356
    Positive feedback rating great to work with...

    Buyer aca3rd( 10Feedback score is 10 to 49) Mar-09-06 14:27 7745261306
    Positive feedback rating Received the shoes faster than expected.

    Buyer 4027crystal( 14Feedback score is 10 to 49) Mar-09-06 14:10 7739096675
    Positive feedback rating good

    Buyer batmancorleone( 76Feedback score is 50 to 99) Mar-08-06 15:17 7741206072
    Positive feedback rating gooditem

    Buyer mlpayne69( 3 ) Mar-07-06 17:58 7742992439
    Positive feedback rating Thanks a bunch!

    Buyer emma*s_mommy( 219Feedback score is 100 to 499) Mar-01-06 00:09 7741421727
    Positive feedback rating great...thank you

    Buyer conley401( 3 ) Feb-20-06 11:05 7739267240
    Positive feedback rating Gooooooooooooooood!

    Buyer shunk_two( 31Feedback score is 10 to 49)
    Positive feedback rating nice shoe...we must do business again.

    Buyer patrick-08( 6 ) Feb-17-06 14:31 7739956052
    Positive feedback rating Understanding and easy to negotiate and sells great shoes too!

    Buyer extrazing( 37Feedback score is 10 to 49) Feb-16-06 18:12 7742336751
    Positive feedback rating Great person to work with hope to do it again. One of Ebays best sellers

    Buyer ultimate_dangerman( 9 )
    Feb-02-06 05:32 7737220281
    Positive feedback rating es hat alles bestens funktioniert, vielen Dank !!!

    Buyer schnelle-verbindung( 75Feedback score is 50 to 99)
    Positive feedback rating Good communication and great to work with...mailed payment received just fine

    Seller yaberick( 78Feedback score is 50 to 99) Apr-30-06 13:32 9711397094
    Positive feedback rating Good. Product as described and in good condition.

    Buyer d0gfude( 10Feedback score is 10 to 49) Apr-29-06 15:42 9707859806
    Positive feedback rating A ok, just what I needed Thanks again.AAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++

    Buyer bikeyardparts( 152Feedback score is 100 to 499) Apr-22-06 22:34 6866503234
    Positive feedback rating Speedy Payment Thanks!!!

    Seller gvillelarz( 447Feedback score is 100 to 499) Apr-19-06 12:53 9710528543
    May-13-06 04:43
    Positive feedback rating Good Business! Legit like the Pick and Roll with John Stockton and Karl Malone!!

    Buyer jerrymaguire32( 28Feedback score is 10 to 49) Apr-07-06 00:07 7750815688
    Positive feedback rating good transaction thanks alot.

    Buyer fernandez2315( 27Feedback score is 10 to 49) Apr-03-06 13:44 7746172915
    Positive feedback rating A++++ Fast Shipping

    Buyer 439mike0( 32Feedback score is 10 to 49) Apr-03-06 08:51 7746078019
    Positive feedback rating it was very easy

    Buyer matt11283( 0 ) Apr-02-06 18:58 7750636832
    Positive feedback rating Thank

    Seller all4less2001( 388Feedback score is 100 to 499) Mar-28-06 20:30 6857259677
    Positive feedback rating fast payment

    Seller beergod29( 147Feedback score is 100 to 499) Mar-23-06 19:02 6847722229
    Positive feedback rating Great eBayer Super Fast Payment Hope to Deal With You Again Soon A+++

    Seller wannabehome_commodities( 686Feedback score is 500 to 999) Mar-22-06 16:15 8764591798
    Positive feedback rating Thanks for your quick payment and a smooth transaction!

    Seller onlycooltoys( 9222Feedback score is 5,000 to 9,999) Mar-20-06 23:01 5876153219
    Positive feedback rating Great communication and great shoes.

    Buyer texfan0909( 5 ) Mar-16-06 10:19 7742326718
    Positive feedback rating Stellar! Pleasure to do business with. A++

    Buyer lordrowel_06( -1 ) Apr-29-06 22:18 7754167425
    May-01-06 01:38
    Positive feedback rating Good!

    Seller rlmsport( 6051Feedback score is 5,000 to 9,999) Mar-15-06 08:29 8763573679
    Positive feedback rating Product was delivered in great condition.

    Buyer drmudcat5( 9 ) Mar-10-06 19:23 7744215199
    Positive feedback rating thanks for the deal.

    Buyer manny5587168( 0 )
    Mar-08-06 08:21 7747763061
    Rating Withdrawn by Mar-19-06 21:11
    Positive feedback rating Good communication. Would do business again.

    Seller kai1176( 5 ) Jan-22-06 18:56 7572055313
    Positive feedback rating Responsible buyer!Highly recommended~A+++++Ebayer!

    Seller capitolrevenue( 13796Feedback score is 10,000 to 24,999) Jan-21-06 04:54 5843202119
    Positive feedback rating Responsible buyer

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    Re: Richard Yapco is a scam artist!

    If you truly have so much positive feedbacks with no degratory remarks then you should be willing to open up your feedback- naturally!

    With the negative feedback alone it reflects that you may have passed out fake products from Lacoste rubber shoes to Nike Air Jordans!

    All those threats are tiring! You're just full of it!

    BTW, it's strange that you and jennifermla has the same IP address? Hmmmmmmm?

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    Re: Richard Yapco is a scam artist!

    Lesson learned, if your high bidder writes to you claiming to be from the USA, but wants the item shipped elsewhere that should raise a red flag. Internet sites like craigslist and eBay need to do more to protect honest users from scam artists like Richard Yapco (information given by Ebay) aka jerrycollins69 aka lordrowel_06.

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    Re: Richard Yapco is a scam artist!

    Do NOT accept overpayments from scam artists like Richard Yapco for items where the buyer is asking to be reimbursed for overpayment. If you receive such offers, please report it immediately.

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    Re: Richard Yapco is a scam artist!

    Too much time has been wasted on con artists like Richard Yapco aka brucemla. The final objective of this post is to make sure others will not fall for his scams.

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    Re: Richard Yapco is a scam artist!

    Alexander Leonio aka nmachiaveli aka badminton_blue NOW aka jennifermla (you had a sex change?)

    You cannot claim to be clean when 5 out of 5 negative feedbacks you got fro ebay customers state that what you sold to them were FAKES!

    My feedbacks remains clean with a small glitch from you.

    Wasting time? This is a crusade against scammers like you!

    I noticed something: you haven't tried selling your fakes nowadays? Got a warning from Ebay?

    At least I use a nom de guerre that also a male. The makes me suspicious of your TRUE gender!

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    Re: Richard Yapco is a scam artist!

    Alexander Leonio failed to add my follow-up feedback:
    Follow-up by richardyapco: Good as picture but not discription.NOT AUTHENTIC AT ALL!
    Reply by richardyapco: -discovered later that same item is being sold at Greenhills as fake at P950!

    Attempts have been made by him to connect me to other ebayers-"information given by Ebay) aka as jerrycollins69 aka lordrowel_06" are totally FALSE. Now with all 5 plus my follow-up feedback proves once and for all that Mr. (or Ms?) Alexander Leonio is the TRUE scammer!

    Your KARMA is just around the corner!

  10. 09-12-2006, 04:51 AM

    Same message posted.

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