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    Frequent Flyer Fast Lane

    35 airports will be offering frequent flyers who are willing to share extra information to NSA a fast track which involves pre screening a faster line.

    Costs $100, fingerprints, and interview.

    Worth it? Not worth it? Too much Big Brother?
    Do you have something to share about this topic?

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    Re: Frequent Flyer Fast Lane

    I dunno, I just returned from (and went to :spin2: ) London, I saw the "fast track" lanes, and they seemed only marginally less slow and annoying, but the people who were in those lines seemed just as (if not more) vocally unimpressed as the peons in the regular lines, this most likely because they registered and payed for "faster" service?. At Heathrow, the iris identification lines (which I tried just because the concept seemed cool, and apparently, my iris' are not on file :rasta: ) were again only marginally swifter than the regular lines, also with as much or more complaining, again I am sure because of the fees, which in general went quicker than I expected...
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