I've read this site for some time now, and recently got my hopes up with what apparently turned out to be a scam, so I figured I'd give something back to the forum.

If you get an email from: [email protected]
Just delete it.

What happened to me was this: I recently lost my job, and have been scambling like crazy to find a new one to pay rent. I always try to stay away from the Jobs that I know are fake (Typing 4 Cash, $2000 a day for data entry, y'know they type of stuff we talk about here). But I did go on to a lot of Job websites such as Caeerbuilder.com, Monster.com, Hotjobs.net, etc. Unfortunately nobody really got back to me, so I figured no one was really checking thier internet ads.

I eventualy found a mediocre job that I have yet to start, and am not to pleased with my job serach result. Then yesterday, I get an e-mail message from next generation soultions, care of Instant Human Resources.com . The Job description is right up my alley (dealing with entertainment, Fashion, & music) and sems to pay a good amount of money ($50,000 per year) but fair for the type of Job it might be. So far it looks alot like a true job offer that is forwarded to the job seeker by one of the job websites. It says they liked my resume that they saw online (which I do in fact have posted online), and that they would like me to apply for the job at the instant human resources website.

Now, I am beside myself. If could make $50K a year, my new wife and I would be set. We could pay rent, eat out more often, actually fix my car, be able to travel (I'm only telling you this to show you my state of mind when it all came crashing down around me). I fill out the application at the website, and as I found they didn't ask any overly invasive questions: No SSN, no bank account numbers, no need to buy in to get the job. After ti sent it out I was overjoyed. I Honestly thought I had a shot. I was so excited, that I e-mailed the address that i got my first notice from with a note and an theatre resume just to show them I was interested.

After gettin all that finished, I might as well have been walking on air. I talked up the job to all the firends I saw, I sat and wrung my hands all night, hoping the employers would message me back, I couldn't sleep because I thought I was going to be able to get a good job. But the Insomnia led to something even more disheartening...

In my boredome of not being able to sleep, I decided to get on the internet and see if next generation solutions had a website (especially seeing as they wanted me to help market things over their client's websites). They did, and it looked professional. I was impressed. Especially by the address: Rochester, NY! That was clear on the other side of the country form me. Did they have an office out here in Oregon that they needed my expertise? I delved further down the "rabbit hole" checking out their "about us" page, and then going to their Jobs page to see if I could see where the office was located.

Upon clicking Jobs they had a list of Job Updates and then one entry made the day before I had recieved the e-mail read: BOGUS E-MAIL SCAM!!! I read on...

They proceeded to tell me that the e-mail I was recieving was not from them, they never solicited jobs over the internet, and even if they did it would have been to people they would have called first, there were no jobs availible in the category that was being sent to people, and that we shouldn't try to call them to resolve any issues with the job application, becuase they were not affiliated.

I was broken. Here I was hoping to get a good job, that would help my life, and some scammer has seemed to string me along for a couple of days on candy faries, unicorns, and wishes.

So the Moral of the Story: Please beware. I don't know what they'll do with my address, but I guess I can be glad I didn't give them more than that.

If you need more Infor the ACATUAL Next Generation Solutions has provided this link to a site reporting the scam .

Hope this helps,