It is a common practice of most China companies to say “yes they can do it” but after getting your payment, their delivery is full of mistakes and they will not return your payment. So I am writing to share and inform all consumers out there about an unethical business practice committed by a Chinese company in Shanghai against one company I know and all you readers MUST NOT BUY from this BAMBOOZLING company. Details as follows:

Business Department Manager

International Trade Department

12/F No.985 Dong Fang Road, Pudong, 200122 Shanghai, China

Please allow me to give a brief background of what happened with this victim company. The victim company is a trader and they had to source for a Potassium Nitrate chemical manufacturer/supplier for their customer’s requirements. They came across a Shanghainese Company named Shanghai Wentong Chemicals Co. Ltd. through internet research, in short, they made an enquiry, got a reply and quotation and transaction went smoothly at first. They signed a sales contract with this company last March 2005. Sales Contract states that delivery will take effect within two weeks after receipt of deposit and that said sales contract did not state that if buyer cancels the order due to mistake of supplier’s side, supplier can confiscate the buyer’s deposit. Being a trader, the victim had to make sure all specification of their customer’s requirement was followed and they forwarded it to SWC and strictly emphasized to SWC that they must strictly follow all our specification especially the specially-designed packing/bag of the item.

It was agreed by both parties that SWC will produce a sample of the packing bag for victim’s approval, SWC sent the sample to victim and when victim received the sample, victim said it was wrong and there was a grievous mistake on the design, victim asked SWC to change/revise the sample it made and send back to victim for approval. But to victim’s surprise, the typical Chinese company SWC refused to produce another sample because SWC mass produce the packing bag already and they refused to revise their mistake because all the packing bag for the victim’s entire order was already produced. Contrary to what was agreed that SWC will not mass produce the packing bag without victim’s approval on the sample packing bag. Because of this refusal of SWC to correct the bags, victim refused to continue the order because naturally, how can victim sell the goods with wrong packing with was a very vital factor on selling the product to victim’s country.

Victim immediately notified SWC that it wanted to cancel its order and asked for refund of its deposit since SWC refused to correct the packing. I think you will all agree when I say, why pay for something you did not buy? If you’re going to buy a Rolex watch, of course, you want to get the whole original item, you wouldn’t pay for a Rolex watch with a missing hand or screw right?

SWC bamboozled victim by saying it did not want to return the deposit of victim because victim cancelled the order. Following the sales contract it is obvious that SWC made a mistake and did not want to take responsibility for it. From June 2005 up to present, victim contacted SWC by email, fax and telephone call but the following SWC personnel mentioned, refused to reply to victim. So last August 2006, victim went to SWC’s office in China, but victim was refused entry to their office and the company’s receptionist informed victim that said personnel mentioned were no longer with SWC. But to victim’s surprise, just when it was leaving the SWC premises, it bump into one of the SWC personnel it was looking for, victim confronted SWC staff and SWC promised to return the deposit of victim. But up to this date, no refund ever came to victim’s account.

Victim exerted & exhausted all remedies to find SWC personnel but to no avail. Victim is now on the process of filing civil and criminal charges against LYDIA LEE (aka LEE YING) CANDICE WANG and the company they represent and have requested from all associations in China to ban this company from their association.