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    FX May Soon Be Short for Faux

    FX May Soon Be Short for Faux
    By Glenn Harlan Reynolds


    In a democratic polity -- or even one that's driven by things like "world opinion" -- faked news poses a real threat to decent decision-making. Worse yet, the likely outcome of widespread fakery will be a tendency on the part of people to simply dismiss news that they don't want to hear. (And we already see enough of that phenomenon as it is).


    Once again, as I've said in previous columns, it boils down to whom you can trust. And although it seems that Big Media outfits, which want to make money and be around for the long term, would have a sufficient investment in their credibility not to fake news themselves, or to pass along fake news except in extraordinary circumstances, the evidence of recent weeks is that journalism is rife with fakery, and that we're seeing more of it now mostly because it's easier to spot now that lots of people can examine the evidence and compare notes.


    Context is key. And one of the lessons of these various affairs is that neither the photo, nor the purveyor of the photo, should be given unquestioned authority. Instead, we have to think for ourselves, and make up our own minds. Because it turns out that we can't trust, well, much of anyone.


    This article expresses the point I have been trying to make for years, that faked news as well as politically biased news, poses a real and dangerous threat to decent decision making by the majority of Americans.

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    Re: FX May Soon Be Short for Faux

    and of course,we cant apply the same PRINCIPLE to CAMPAIGN ADS!?but besides that,i dont get your point!?i mean if it boils down to WHo do you trust!?you gotta condier LEVELS of interaction!?and at WHAT level does TRUST(your kind!?) go OUT the window!?and WHO is there to REPLACE IT!?hehe!!just askin....

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