I just purchased a Suzuki Sidekick for my BF to tool around in. I'm the idiot that didn't pull the carfax on it until after the fact, but this guy blatantly lied to me about the car. He does this with these little cars all the time.

He told us it's been pulled behind his father's camper for years, and that the miles on it were only 80k. The odometer reading actually said 72k, but what we didn't realize was that it turns over when it reaches 100k. Carfax says last reported odomenter reading was at 157K, and that he had purchased it just six month prior. Wayne Rogers from West Point, UT is a fraud and was even teaching his grandson the "trade".

What goes around comes around, so I'm not too worried. Wayne Rogers and Glenna Rogers from West Point, UT do this with Geo Trackers and Sidekicks. The interior is immaculate, but it has already started leaking oil. I'm trying to contact him to find out what he actually did replace. The gig is up dude. So you made a few extra bucks off of me with your story. Good job old man. He said he had replaced quite a few things on it and it seems to be running just fine... for now. I just want to get this out there in case I can help someone else and maybe notify his neighbors and whoever else that he's a shady dude.