Saw a great article here and figured I would share:

It goes over some scenerios and gives great tips on how not to get scammed.

  1. Make sure they are not “two guys in an office”. If you can’t visit them, pay for a factory audit or for a background check.
  2. Avoid suppliers that don’t use a company email address. Some legitimate suppliers use or addresses, but generally it is not a good sign.
  3. Call the number you see on their website and ask to talk to your contact (bad sign if you try 3 times and they never understand your English).
  4. Google [the company's name + scam]. If you find several complaints from other buyers, be careful.
  5. Pay the first order by letter of credit, if possible.
  6. Only wire money to a company account, and to the account of the supplier.
  7. Issue a purchase order, and get it chopped by the supplier.

Have any of you been scammed by Chinese Wholesalers or Suppliers? Read the whole article here