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    Duct cleaning scams

    COLUMBUS, Ohio - An Ohio lawmaker proposed a bill Monday aimed at preventing dishonest air duct cleaning services from taking advantage of Ohio consumers.

    Sen. Kevin Bacon, a Columbus-area Republican, said his bill would work alongside the Consumer Sales Practices Act to protect consumers from scams but not inhibit honest vendors from doing business.

    The bill would require all air duct cleaning vendors to register with the Department of Commerce before advertising and providing services, and would require them to provide all customers with a written contract.

    "By registering vendors, we will be able to track who is ripping people off if customers complain," Bacon said, adding that registration numbers will be placed on vendors' advertisements.
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    Do you think is a good move or a way for the state to squeeze more money out of small business owners?

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    other better

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    Re: Duct cleaning scams

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