I have left threads in the past with names of scammers.
Ive just had a new one by the name of Geoffrey Brian in Benin trying to scam me of 950 Euros.
The scam normally follows this route; I am looking to export products into Africa, I find a supposed importer normally from Nigeria or Benin.
They always give an English name (first clue). They will ask for samples which is the norm.
Once they have the samples, they will come back and place an order for 10 x 40' containers and they never negotiate the price (second Clue) no one in their right mind would place such a large initial order. They then ask for a proformer invoice with your signature and company stamp ( third clue, as its not nessesary) Then the crunch comes when they say you need to pay a lawer or government body a fee to have your products registered. (Fourth clue) Its up to the buyer to check if they can import into their country and they must pay any fees, if any at all. They always want you to pay through Western Union (fifth clue) this makes them untraceable.
NEVER PAY UPFRONT as once you have, you will never hear from them again.