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    Pictures Of Chinese Military Stealth Speed Boat!!!


    Go to "PLAN steathy FAC #2210 and #2211 @ dock" and click...


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    Re: Pictures Of Chinese Military Stealth Speed Boat!!!

    Also from your site:

    Chávez says China deal 'great wall' against US

    · Venezuela to supply a million barrels of oil a day
    · Beijing scrambling to feed energy-hungry economy

    China and Venezuela, two of the biggest nations on Washington's worry list, drew closer together yesterday with the signing of trade agreements that the Venezuelan president called a "Great Wall" against American hegemonism.

    A million-barrel a day oil deal and a promise by China to back Venezuela's bid to join the United Nations security council were the main fruits of a week of meetings in Beijing, ending with talks between Hugo Chávez and the Chinese prime minister, Wen Jiabao, yesterday

    This is just one of many developments in Latin America that news orgs have been ignoring.
    The Chinese Military has been training Latin American Armies in Military vs. Military scenarios. [See the US ARMY War College for more on this]
    Traditionally the Military forces of all Latin American Countries were only capable of engaging home grown uprisings and minor border disputes.
    To date I have not found any resource indicating the number of Chinese Military personnel in Latin America or where they are located.
    This is a very worrisome development and one that should demand more attention from this Administration.
    The recent news of deploying US Troops to the Mexican Border has nothing to do with immigration.

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    Re: Pictures Of Chinese Military Stealth Speed Boat!!!

    Hugo, Peking-Style

    The Panama Operation

    Having signed these momentous agreements with Hugo Chavez, Beijing will have for all intents and purposes completed the energy security net that it has recently been working on putting into place. Ironically, not too long ago the possibility of Venezuela joining this network seemed utterly unrealistic. Oil can be delivered from Venezuela to China only by ship, and the closest shipping channel lies through the Panama Canal, which is too narrow for large tankers. What is more, until recently the canal belonged to the US, which is unlikely to take kindly to an energy partnership between Beijing and Caracas. As a result, Venezuelan oil had to be delivered to China by sea across the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, which took 45 days and significantly affected the price the oil could command.

    However, Beijing has recently succeeded in solving this problem. The first Chinese steps in this direction seemed to be a chain of chance occurrences. At the end of 1999, the American government finally gave full control of the Panama Canal to the Panamanian government, which immediately solicited bids for the management of the canal's ports. The contract was won by the Hong Kong firm Hutchinson Whampoa, whose owner is a 78 year-old Hong Kong businessman named Li Ka-Shing – the wealthiest man in Western Asia, whose $18.8 billion fortune places him in ninth place on the Forbes list of the ten richest people in the world. Born and raised in mainland China, since the time of Deng Xiaoping he has maintained excellent relations with the Chinese government and is on very friendly terms with the top brass in Guangdong and Shanghai – the bosses of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

    Thanks to this deal, the infrastructure of the Panama Canal will remain in the hands of Beijing loyalists until at least 2020 (the agreement with Hutchison Whampoa is for 25 years). Li Ka-Shing subsequently lobbied successfully for a modernization project on the canal that was accepted by the Panamanian National Assembly on July 14, less than a month and a half ago. The reconstruction of the canal will begin next year and will be completed by 2011. The canal will then be navigable by tankers with displacements of more than 300,000 tons. To coincide with this, Hugo Chavez has promised to increase the extraction of oil and to reorient the flow of Venezuelan oil supplies from the United States to China. Under these conditions, oil tankers from Venezuela will reach China's shores in 24 days, which is approximately the same amount of time currently needed for delivery of oil to China from Angola. As such, Beijing stands to lose nothing in this plan.

    Visiting President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez (center), watched by a Chinese military officer (left), waves before stepping into a vehicle upon arrival in Beijing early on 23 August 2006. Chavez arrived on a visit aimed at forging closer energy and economic ties, as interest also centered on whether the trip would boost his anti-US platform. His six-day tour of the world's fourth-largest economy and second biggest energy consumer comes at a crucial time for his country as it seeks to dramatically increase oil production.

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    Re: Pictures Of Chinese Military Stealth Speed Boat!!!

    the kings GARDENER!?....secretly!?(WHO KNEW!?) eats BETTER than the KING!?hehe!!while ENJOYING!?the PROTECTIONS afforded by SAME!?just askin....

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