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    Top 9 Other Saddam Prison Complaints

    Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein complained to the judge during the second session of his trial on Monday that he had to walk up four flights of stairs because of a broken elevator in the courthouse. We here at TNOYF know how frustrating that can be.

    We are also worried that Mr. Hussein is not getting a fair chance to have his cares heard. With that in mind, our Senior Middle Eastern Correspondent was able to acquire a list of Mr. Hussein's concerns. Hopefully this will shed a little light on the other horrors that are being perpetrated behind closed doors.

    9. (tie) I didn't make the prison soccer team because of "political reasons."

    9. (tie) This prison doesn't have a cool nickname like "Gitmo" or "The Rock."

    8. I haven't received a care package from Kofi in months.

    7. I'm not allowed to put up pictures from my Playboy: Girl's of Mesopotamia issue.

    6. (tie) That douchebag Sean Penn keeps coming by with his personal photographer.

    6. (tie) The voting machines in here are rigged. No matter how many times they recounted the ballots, they kept insisting that I only received 1 vote for "President of The Prison", not the 100% that I normally get when running for office.

    5. No matter how much I insist on being addressed as "President Hussein" or "The True Iraqi President", those smart-aleck American guards keep calling me things like "Captain Ass-Master" and "Your Royal Camelphile."

    4. (tie) They won't give me a night light.

    4. (tie) All of a sudden George Galloway won't take my collect calls.

    3. That Ramsey Clark is a bit too anti-American for my tastes.

    2. The rape rooms in this prison are way different, and far less enjoyable, than the ones I used to run.

    1. I haven't heard from those two ingrate sons of mine in years
    Originally posted by Americanadian
    Palin: Omit the "i" and you're left with "Pain".

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    Re: Top 9 Other Saddam Prison Complaints

    OH!! we get it!!it's all about BEIN BADDEST A S S on the planet!?(and sour grapes!?)and from your AVATAR....we can SEE!?you got DIBS(WANNA BE!?) on that 1!?hehe!!

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    Re: Top 9 Other Saddam Prison Complaints

    He should also complain that his hair dye doesnt come with highlighting :D

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