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    Credo mobile cell phone scam

    They contact you saying they will payoff your other cell phone contract.Total bs.Then charge you roaming fees from my own house lol.I am just never going too pay them a penny.I know use walmarts straight talk and will never have a insane cell phone bill again.unlimited everything,No contract.Can't beat that:yelcutelaughA:

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    Re: Credo mobile cell phone scam

    I take care of my finances and I don't buy deals with strangers calling me from anonymous phone numbers. I've had too many encounters with phony calls before. These companies, even the legit ones, always have these hidden charges during the offer.

    And it's not only me because I've read similar complaints reported at www.callercenter.com. There were different service plan offers, handset packages and a lot more. But the problem with these calls is that you have no way of checking the legitimacy of the offer. For all you know, you could be giving out your CC information to a scammer. And even if the caller really was a representative of the company, they're bent on selling their stuff so they're expected to discuss only the benefits and nothing less.

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    Re: Credo mobile cell phone scam

    Thanks for the tip!

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