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Thread: Hoodia XYGold

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    Hoodia XYGold

    I stumbled into this site accidentally because I searched on Google for Hoodia XYGold. I am one of the suckers who fell for their e-mail advertising a free sample of hoodia. I am fighting with my credit card company right now trying to get the charge removed. Hoodia will not refund any of my money unless I drop the investigation. Anybody else out there had the experience? Any advice - other than the obvious? :mad:

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    Re: Hoodia XYGold

    Nope, just the obvious.

    Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
    Eat less fat and carbohydrate
    Take moderate exercise

    All else is flummery.
    Hoodia gibsonii is not (yet) cultivated, so must be collected in the wild.
    Supply is limited, expensive, and grossly outstripped by demand. The doctor expects that much of the Hoodia on the market is adulterated, straight sawdust, or non-existent.

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