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    Extreme Research Corp - Shut Down By AG In North Dakota

    It is my understanding that Extreme Research Corp was ordered by, the North Dakota Attorney General's Office, to stop marketing Enviromax Plus and their Network Marketing opportunity in the state of North Dakota. Then, after somewhere near a year, they were ordered to pay the AG's office a healthy fine or penalty. Now they can do business in North Dakota again, but are probably under the microscope.

    Who knows anything about this?

    Were they shut down?

    For what reason/s?

    Did they have to pay a fine to the state of North Dakota?

    If so, how much?

    When did state Attorney Generals start accepting payoffs after initially shutting down an MLM in their state?

    Who's on First? What's on second? Anybody know the real story behind this?

    Here's something I found on the RXP.com site. Is that what Extreme Research Corp was doing, lying and providing misinformation about the competition?

    Memo to all interested persons who come to this web site, who were or are members of the Extreme Research Company.

    I have been provided with a recording of an April 16th phone informational broadcast of Mr. Mark Seyforth and Dr. Mike DeBord of Extreme Research Inc. My first reaction was that this was some sort of joke, but I now realize that this information was broadcast with a serious intent to its audience.

    It is difficult for me to believe that these individuals are supposed professionals in their industry. It is quite evident that these individuals are providing inaccurate misrepresentations regarding my company and its product. The only intelligent statement in their entire discourse regarding RxP, was the suggestion that members visit the RxP web site. Outside of this, there was no other factual information presented in their discourse.

    DeBord stated in this broadcast that the only test conducted with RxP was with wood. Before he was out of his diapers in 1968, one of my companies, Flamex Industries, was producing a flame enhancer for steel cutting and distributing it nationwide. One of the recipients of this technology included cutting the steel for the US government's Abrams Tank. Flamex Industries markets worldwide using this advanced combustion technology which I introduce in 1987. Also by that time, this technology had already undergone significant and extensive study. In fact, in the middle 1970's, we briefed members of the Science Academy on our advancement in radiant control. By 1979, I had developed the technology to the point of being able to increase the thermal value of fossil and bio fuels. In 1980, I employed Dr. Richard T. Schneider, one of this nations leading research scientist (under the "Science" link on the this web site) to verify my findings. Knowing the resistance that we would receive from the petroleum industry and the political structure, we kept our patent pending to avoid expiration. I currently have independent studies that when printed stack almost 2 inches in thickness.

    The claim that we are infringing on Mr. Sanders patent is not correct. He or his lawyers have not provided, and I expect they never will provide, credible evidence to show any patent infringement. If he or they were to attempt to do so, he would likely lose his patent due to the fact that that we were in the marketplace and were public knowledge prior to his patent. We have been on the market since 1987 and his patent is dated1993.

    Lastly, they stated that we have copper and iron in our formula which harms the engine and is potentially an environmental hazard. Please look under the "Diesel" link (which we use as a carrier) in this site. The information provided states the ASTM D 925 for diesel. Mr. Sander’s independent lab apparently measured the diesel fuel carrier and informed him that we have copper and iron in our product! Seyforth and DeBord should have requested and reviewed the RxP studies on engine wear and tear and emissions prior to making these statements. Seyforth and DeBord know little to nothing about RxP or for that matter fuel chemistry and should not be listened to by anyone when it comes to automotive combustion products.

    These individuals are purposefully providing misinformation to the general public regarding a competing product, RxP, and lying to their own distributors to entice them to purchase their own product to sell to others. This is a violation of the law that I believe the attorney generals across the United States as well as the FTC would be interested to hear.

    Dean F. Johnson
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    Re: Extreme Research Corp - Shut Down By AG In North Dakota

    Found this burried a few pages deep. Good info.


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    Re: Extreme Research Corp - Shut Down By AG In North Dakota

    I don't have all the particulars, but it appears from the administrative order that Extreme Research paid a rather large fine for violations of the North Dakota Consumer Protection Act. The firm also agreed to not offer their "marketing plan" in North Dakota until it provided the Consumer Protection Division a propectus that meets N.D. law.

    What was even harder to find was the information that Extreme Research is being investigated by Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Washington. I didn't find any proof of a federal investigation, but it would not surprise me if the FTC is looking at them as well.

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