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1. Do NOT POST YOUR REFERRAL LINKS or those of your friends. We are not your advertising venue. THIS WOULD INCLUDE SPAMMING THE MEMBER LIST VIA PM. Referral links are only allowed in your signature lines. Keep them short with a font no larger than a size 3. NO HTML linked photo ads allowed.

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3. NO death threats.

4. NO POSTING OF ANY MEMBER’S ADDRESS, PHONE OR FULL NAME. Do not post your own, you don’t know what kind of nutcase will decide to track you down.

5. NO HARASSING THE MODERATORS or ADMINISTRATORS for how they do their job. You can debate them all you want and even insult them if the debate warrants it, we do post as members, however, you may not insult the way they moderate nor bitch to the other moderators about it. If you have a real problem that you feel is unwarranted behavior on the part of a Moderator you may contact SoJustAsk, state your case with proof and it will be looked into and resolved.

6. NO pornography.

7. NO MORE MULTIPLE USERNAMES. On first offense the extra names will be banned and rendered unusable. If you make more to replace them, you will be blocked from using the site.

8. NO slash and dash posts. You better do more than troll the forums and offer nothing more than insults and hijacking threads. Keep it to a minimum and you might get it off. But if any Moderator starts seeing a trend developing that you are making this behavior a habit, you will be warned and banned.

8. NEW: Do quality posts, not just a title and link to an outside story. Paraphrase it, and put your unique opinion on it. I hate seeing breaking news like the death of Kim Jong Il and the whole post was a link to an outside site. I don't mind reference links, but there has to be ample text and content on before an outside link is put. The same for youtube videos, please do a writeup even if its three sentences

If you break the rules:

First Offense: Warning. (In most, but not all cases.)

Second Offense: Ban

If banning doesn’t cure the problem, you will eventually be blocked. is an open forum, for ALL points of view. This board was founded on controversy and debate. We welcome arguments, debate and runaway threads.

If you are using hacked IP addresses and are spamming the forum for SEO backlinks, the LANDING pages (domain name) and company's information will be posted and banned and exposed, simple. You CAN'T hide behind affiliates, we are smarter than you, trust me.

If you plan on using for any illegal activity; such as identity thievery, credit card fraud, or other scams, your ip, email, and posts will IMMEDIATELY be sent to the FBI's white collar division. All spam posts will be removed anyway so don't bother.