The good news is there’s a fancy new Adobe creative suite landing in 30 days, with a decent-looking subscription model to boot too. But there’s bad news for us Brits: yet again we’re getting ripped off, this time by up to 38 per cent compared to our US cousins.

Adobe’s UK pricing chocks-up quite a premium over how much it costs our compatriots in the US. For instance, a copy of the Master Collection (the whole caboodle) will cost you a wallet-smacking £2,223 (£2,668 with VAT added), while Joe Bloggs in America can pick up the same thing for $2,599 or just £1,615. Of course there’s sales tax to take into account in the US, and even with our very own 20 per cent VAT added here it’s still only £1,938. It’s never a direct exchange rate conversion like that though, but even taking into account your average non-US premium it should still work out under £2,000 all-in. So, we’re paying over £600 more than we should be based on the US pricing by my rough calculations.

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