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    Hotel Rip Offs In England

    Euro 2012 chief plays down hotel rip-off fears after England fans offered 700 a night room.

    Ukraine's Euro 2012 tournament director Markiyan Lubkivskyi insists hotels are still available in the country at affordable prices.

    This summer will be the first time the Eastern European nation has hosted the tournament, which it will do so alongside Poland from June 8.

    I think president Michel Platini was too emotional,' he said. 'This was only in terms to push these hoteliers, not to say that Ukraine is a bad country.

    'We don't have any big risks, you can't find bandits or mafia walking on the streets.

    'But, from the other side, his message was very clear as he asked Ukrainian hotel owners to go down in price and I think it will work.

    'This was maybe our biggest problem in the last two or three months, but we have also solved this problem.

    'If English supporters go to one of our recommended Ukrainian websites they will find hotels, even in Donetsk.

    'We tried to do our best, we tried to find the best solutions for this.
    'For instance, if a supporter cannot find accommodation in Donetsk they can find it in Kiev, which is only an hour's flight and can then come back after the match.

    'This is one of the solutions that every day we are looking to overcome.'

    Despite reasonably-priced rooms on websites such as www.accom2012.com - run by UEFA's official accommodation agency TUI - fans are still being quoted huge sums by some elsewhere.
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    Re: Hotel Rip Offs In England

    so not hotel rip-offs in England, as your title says, but actually "hotel rip offs in Ukraine"

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