Joanne Arbogast The Daily Item

A 79-year-old Middleburg woman was scammed out of $3,100 and state police in Selinsgrove are warning residents to be on the alert.

According to Trooper Nathan Wenzel who investigated the case, around April 18-19, the victim was contacted by phone by a man identifying himself as an agent of the federal government. He instructed her to send him $500 in cash and that in return she would receive a check in the amount of $555,000 from the government. She mailed the money to an address out of state.

She was then contacted again by someone posing as a federal government representative and this time asked to send $2,600 cash to an address in Georgia.

Again, she sent the money as requested.

According to the police report, the woman was scammed out of a total of $3,100.

The state police ask the public to be aware of these type of cash scams that involve people identifying themselves as federal government representatives and asking you to send large amounts of cash to an out-of-state or out-of-country address in return for a larger amount of cash in the form of a government check.