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    Dont Get Robbed - Free Tips

    • Give the appearance that your house is occupied when you are away.
    • Interior and exterior lights should be on timers that mimic normal occupancy hours.
    • Have a friend or neighbor take in your newspaper, mail and garbage cans.
    • Cancel newspaper or mail delivery if no one is available to retrieve it.
    • Do not leave valuables in plain sight through windows.
    • Install exterior perimeter motion lights.
    • Install alarm with cellular back up and external audible siren.
    • Advise teenage children to not advertise to their friends that the family is going away or give permission for friends to use the house while you're away.
    • Do not advertise vacations or post your current location on social media.
    • If no vehicles are to be left home, ask a neighbor to periodically park in your driveway.
    • Lock all doors and windows including basement and second floor windows.
    • Be aware who your neighbors are talk to them and help them.
    • Put jewelry and valuables of sentimental value in a safety deposit box do not leave them in your bedroom. Burglars look in master bedrooms first for jewelry and cash.

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    Re: Dont Get Robbed - Free Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by Sviat View Post
    • Lock all doors and windows including basement and second floor windows.
    I haven't got any basement windows. Please advise.

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