Bogus messages from certified public accountants and companies promising payments for using victims’ cars as roving advertisements are the latest Internet scams making the rounds, according to the FBI’s Internet crime complaint center.

According to IC3, victims were told they would be paid an average of $400-$600 per week in exchange for driving around with vinyl advertising signs wrapped around their vehicle. Those interested in participating were asked to provide their contact information and vehicle details. They were promised an up-front payment, which would be sent by check or money order, it said.
The employment offer was entirely bogus, said IC3. Those who fell for the scam received a check or money order for more than the promised amount, it explained. They were directed to cash the check and wire the difference to a third party, who was supposed to be the graphics designer to pay for the cost of the design. The checks and money orders turned out to counterfeit and the criminals, IC3 alleges, converted fraudulent checks and money orders into untraceable cash, leaving the victim responsible for the bank's losses. ORIGINAL ARTICLE