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    Another from Canada

    I have recieved what I think is a new scam it is from Consumer prize Association with an address of 2255B Queen St,East Suite 3200 Toronto ON M4E 1G3 Canada. This one is a bit cheaper as it only asked for £10 for a £10000 prize.

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    Re: Another from Canada

    yeah i got it too

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    Re: Another from Canada

    Mailed from Canada.

    Winning certificate

    Address: Judy Peterson, Citation Financial Management Group
    30 Liberty Ave St 224
    Edmonton, AB T6X6J5, "an accredited agency to British Random Lotto" at 1-780-695-5468.

    Check enclosed for $2992.75, to be used to finance "the international clearance fees of $2,831."

    Winnings: $85,500.00, minus $5,301.00 (6.2% Sponsor's Commission) < their parenthsis.

    "Guarantee:" of $80,199.00 when the dust settles.

    It's got lots of impressive numbers, including the "winning lotto numbers" to make it look good, as well as a good paper. They also say, and this is the suspect phrase in this letter: "We ask that you keep this award from public notice until your claim has been processed and money remitted to your account, as this is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unwarranted taking of advantage of the lrogram by the participants and the public."

    The enclosed check looks good, but I'm sure it'll bounce big-time. There is no return address on the envelope, which has a window.

    The check: in large letters at the top--AUTO EUROPE with a fancy"ae" in a black circle. Address is: Worldwide Car, Air, & Hotel Reservation Services
    39 Commerical St PO Box 7006
    Portland, ME 04112-7906

    K in Montana

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    Re: Another from Canada

    i recieced the same exact address, and the same scam, should i report this and to whom should i report this, a canadian agency or federal

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    Re: Another from Canada

    o and another thing i read on another website was if u cash the check you be charged with check fraud, b.c the check isnt real, but shows up at the bank as cleared until the company that these dbags take money from notice, every check that any one has ever received has been drawn from a random semi large corporation, who may or may not realize that the $2,993.35 is missing... either way this company may never be caught unless a group of people organize and report them, this way the people who have cashed the check, and have been charged with check fraud can be seen as innocent, and these scammers can be caught

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    Re: Another from Canada

    I recieved a letter from canda from Interac Universal Promotions 772 Weston Ave, Toronto Ortario Canada M6N 3RS it says I won 2nd prize in a computer reward program the letter head on the letter says Email Money TRANSFER...which is something to do with wiring money. The check was worth 3990.54 US money and they send it to me to help pay clearence fees...if I won a prize I should have to pay anything right????????

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