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    Anyone heard of Web Business Solutions?

    This company is supposed to be located in St. Louis, MO. Can't seem to find anything online.

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    Re: Anyone heard of Web Business Solutions?

    Is this the company your asking about: http://www.wbsi.com/portal/modules/liaise/

    Web Business Solutions, Inc.
    Fredericksburg, VA 22406
    t (540) 286-0368
    f (540) 286-0405
    [email protected]
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    Re: Anyone heard of Web Business Solutions?

    I saw that one online, but in the email she said they were in St. Louis, MO.

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    Re: Anyone heard of Web Business Solutions?

    I replied to her email asking for a website and more information on the job, so will see if she replies.

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    Re: Anyone heard of Web Business Solutions?

    I received an email from them around the same time as this post, offering a work at home position. I am leary of all these types of jobs, but know people who have them so wanted to get more info since it seemed legit.
    "Hire Manager" [email protected]

    ResumeRabbit: Account Manager
    A rapidly developing local IT company is looking for a full time Account Manager, who will be able to join their Customer Service department working from home. The Account Manager will have the opportunity to learn all aspects of the web services process. If you are ready to provide exceptional customer service, possess the drive to earn additional income and want to start a career working with exciting and innovative products, we look forward to talking to you.
    Base Pay: $34,200/Year
    Employee Type: Full-Time Employee
    Job Type: Customer Service
    Location: Work from home, All states
    This position is responsible for functioning as a liaison between our customers and outside personnel by providing detailed and timely information regarding orders, requests, and complaints.

    Job Functions:

    - Identifying client needs and/or concerns; taking instant action on them.
    - Communicating closely with internal departments to ensure the scheduled delivery of customer products.
    - Adjusting complaints concerning billing or service rendered to specified departments for investigation.
    - Following up with customers to assure satisfaction, responding to queries, addressing problems.
    - Generating efficiency reports as requested.
    General Requirements:

    - High school diploma or GED equivalent;
    - Computer skills, especially in MS Excel and Word.
    - Solid communication skills, both verbal and written.
    - Sharp attention to detail and follow-up.
    - Self-motivated and able to work with little supervision.
    - Must be physically located and authorized to work in the US.
    NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED, WE OFFER COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING STARTING AT ENTRY LEVEL. We promote 100% from within our company, therefore, all jobs start in an entry level position.

    Compensation and Benefits:
    - Fixed base wages and incentive bonuses up to 50% of the monthly pay;
    - Convenient work schedule, overtime pay;
    - Paid sick/personal & vacation days;
    - Positive phone & online support;
    - Career advancement opportunities.

    If you are interested in the Account Manager position and would like to apply for it, please write us at: [email protected] . Selected candidates will be invited to proceed with the employment process upon verifying the submitted information. Please note that candidates available to start next week will have the priority.
    Best regards,
    Recruiting Team

    I was contacted by the actual company after sending my resume to response of the email above. They only replied with another email outlining the job and stating if interested to let them know and they would send the employment paperwork. I received the package and thats when the red flags came up- the only web site I found was for a WEB Business Solution out of VA, but was provided a link in the last email received, website was different then the one I saw originally but very similiar. They wanted a checking account number for me to accept their customer payments, they stated I would be fined if the work was not done on time and also in the agreement stated I would have to use Moneygram/Western union to send payments. All this raised a red flag, but the biggest was I hadn't even spoken to a sole at the company- no interview, and no call backs.

    I am not out anything accept giving my name, telephone and address to them, I have reported them to the Attorney General in AZ as that is where I am from.

    Heads up- RUN from this company!

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    Re: Anyone heard of Web Business Solutions?

    Here is what is going to happen, the Att Gen is going to send you a statement that the company is not violating any state laws so it is'nt their problem. Az has one of the highest scam % because of this attitude. Also Az had a pathetic SLAPP law that really doesn't prevent anyone from filing a defamation lawsuit. This means that if a company feels that your internet statements are harming them they can sue you. The problem for you is that you either have to hire a lawyer to make them go away ($1,000 retainer for an hour min) or sign an agreement stating that your claims on the internet were false, win/win for them. As far as I am concerned if any business from Az contacts me it is an automatic "get lost" answer.

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    Re: Anyone heard of Web Business Solutions?

    thanx, deborah - you missed the point. there is no company making this offer, there is only a scammer, sending out fake checks to gullible people.

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    Re: Anyone heard of Web Business Solutions?

    Quote Originally Posted by mumbles View Post
    thanx, deborah - you missed the point. there is no company making this offer, there is only a scammer, sending out fake checks to gullible people.

    I run a business, and we have customers worldwide. Therefore we are paid in sterling, dollars, euros, etc.

    Like any legitimate business, we don't need somebody sitting in between us and our clients, paying money into a private account and then sending us the remainder after a deduction.

    We receive payment direct from our customers, either by bank transfer or cheque, and we pay it into our own bank account. If the money is in a foreign currency, the bank does the conversion. That's what banks do.

    Anybody offering a job whereby you receive payments, deduct an amount, and send the remainder via Western Union, etc, is a 100% guaranteed scam.

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    Re: Anyone heard of Web Business Solutions?

    Actually I got the point, however I have encountered the owners of this business before and we reached a settlement agreement that I will not say anything negative about them or any business they are affiliated with. Kind of limits my responses concerning them. The good news is that they refunded all of my $$ in exchange.

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    Re: Anyone heard of Web Business Solutions?

    These days there are so many scammers online that think they can trick people so easily. There is no way you can be offered employment for a job that you did not apply for.

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