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    Avi Gozlan Scam / Liberty Construction Los Angeles

    If you don't feel like being scammed, AVOID AVI GOZLAN and his companies - Liberty Construction, Universal Remodeling, Vista Home Improvement, Sky High Builders, California Construction Center operating in the Los Angeles area act as different companies but are all the same one, ran by Avi Gozlan and employing same people.
    They call the do not call numbers. They are crooks and will scam you for a lot of money. They use pushy sales tactics and are pressuring the seniors into buying 10 times overpriced home improvement services . His helpers Inbal Ben Dov, Arnold Surnow and Yaniv Ben Dov aren't better as well. WATCH OUT for Avi Gozllan, Liberty Construction, Vista Home Improvement, Liberty Construction, Sky High Builders, California Construction Center!!! It's all the same company and they WILL STEAL FROM YOU as they did from me!!!
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