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    System for Income

    I was wondering if anyone has used this. I signed up for the free account and didn't sign up to pay extra money for extra stuff. It's using AdWords through Google, but I've never done it before. (I'm a newbie...) I still haven't activated my AdWords account because I am still pretty skeptical and I don't want to lose any money on something I'm not sure will work. I am wondering if anyone else has used System for Income and if it actually worked without paying the extra money.

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    Re: System for Income

    Adwords can be a nightmare if not used correctly. My advice is to get an e-book that explains the best techniques to use in order to increase your conversion rate. Otherwise, it is difficult with all the competition out there.

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    Re: System for Income

    Thanks, I just got no explanation from System for Income on how it really worked. It wanted me to send e-mails to a bunch of people, but I think most people would be like me - delete what you don't recognize. I was actually thinking about getting the google cash book just because I read off some site that it has a TON of walk throughs and is really simple. I can handle tough reading, but I'm in school and have kids and a job, and I just want something that's not going to drain me mentally when I read it.

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    Re: System for Income

    For the simple reading, I personally like BeatingAdwords. It is step by step and easy to read and understand.
    For the time , I think you invest more time on applying the techniques than reading the book. Because, when you set up your advertising compaign, you should follow it closely: Tweeking keywords, modifying adgroup etc to increase your conversion rate.

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    Re: System for Income

    If obvious information is what you're looking for, simply sign up for adwords and click the help link. You can also ask them questions and they email you back with answers. Google Adwords is extremely self explanatory.

    Anyone with $5 and 5 minutes can master Google Adwords. It about as hard as opening up an email account or starting a free blog at blogger.com

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