Ok. It was cold out wanted to take my Godsons to an indoor water park. It was Friday, the last day of Spring Break vacation for them. Their friends drove from Rochester and booked a room. We decided to just drive down, visit some cousins on way and do the waterpark from 4pm to 8 then head back.

I looked online read decent reviews. Couldn't find an officiial website for this so that was annoying. It definately wasn't as good as the one in Penn. or Niagara Falls, but a day pass was $18 so fine. They spent 2 million dollars on this thing, it was cold, and what kid wouldn't enjoy this?

I tried calling 3 times before 3 pm. No voicemail, no information, nothing. So we decided to show up. We made the drive, I was soon to be getting major points with the kids, and the bomb dropped.

Went to the front desk, the bitchy girl was beyond rude. Young, cute, but a sour attitude. She said they weren't doing day passes that day since the hotel was at full capacity. I then mentioned we had two families staying the night there and we were their guests (two families with 4 kids), she then got very pissy and said they couldn't help me. I mentioned they need a voicemail or information available for people to know the status of this rule, and she simply walked away. Couldn't believe it.

So the kids of course starting crying :cwm14:, $30 worth of gas was wasted, and I was in the worst possible mood for the rest of the day. I was STEAMING mad.

Screw you Clarion Hotel. I hope all your pipes burst or you get shut down. Go to hell!:madgo: