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What are you, Terry reincarnate?

You're unsourced quotes here are bogus.

"Mutations only modify existing forms, they do not create new ones."

Really? And what do you think modifications of an existing form will eventually produce? After a few hundred thousand years, with climate change, migration, etc., new species will not come to be?

And since we're not producing one species from another, in your little lifespan, this means it doesn't occur over longer (much longer) time spans?

Let's just stick with the known facts. Evolution occurs. That is a fact. Naturally and laboratory induced. Either way, it happens. Now extrapolate (extrapolation here is far less of a stretch than any "miracles" you stooges claim in your "history books").

Do you think it might be more or less likely that, over a few hundred thousand years, one or more species may no longer be able to reproduce with a species that is now not only extinct, but genetically so different, that viable offspring would not be possible anyway?

"innovations used because they work" implies intelligence. This statement proves nothing but your ability to quote out of context, or to quote a mentally unstable person.

"Using innovations simply because they work" is BS. Sounds like the method of a religious fanatic. You're archenemy Darwin would never stoop to that level of non-thought.

And using an "innovation because it worked" would not IMPLY intelligence.

Let's say you're really "innovative" one day, and decide to play russian roulette with your family. If you win, you will rule the world. You decide to "go for it", risk the lives of your wife, kids, etc. And you win!!!

Does this imply intelligence?
One thing it would not imply, would be INTELLIGENCE.

Stick to to known facts yourself, you have no evidence to support mutations to different kinds, one kind to another. Don't tell us over thousands of years ago, show the evidence?