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    Criminal Minds Is Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Watched Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior on Netflix and loved it! Now I am watching season 1 of the original series. Man I love it. Kidnapping, women in cages, intensity, what a great show!!! The FBI at its finest. The guy from Dharma and Greg is awesome, well edited, well written. This pilot is better than a lot of movies I watch.


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    Re: Criminal Minds Is Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    something i didn't like about it when i checked it out once (possible D&G conflict) but i may have seen a good episode since then!? i'm into PBS mystery/detective stuff there are quite a few diff shows to choose from like MAIGRET?! masterpiece theatre is good too!? : :cwm2: :sun_smiley: :elvis:
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