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    What kind of employment scam is this?

    I know that this might not belong in this section (as it's not a "work at home" thing) but this forum seemed to be the closest to a match.

    So I'm out and about at the grocery store, and I end up talking to some fellow who was trying to decide on an ingredient for something he was making (I happened to be familiar with this smoke-points and stuff with cooking).

    We get to talking and he asks me what I do. I tell him I'm unemployed and looking for work. He mentions that his company is looking for people, gives me his phone number, contact info, website, describes a bit about what they do.

    He invites me to some type of open house / group interview tomorrow.
    Now, this fellow was well-dressed, friendly, professional, and seemed very legitimate. But I'm naturally a very skeptical person, and it seemed that offering someone a job interview in the middle of a grocery store, while not unheard of, is probably uncommon.

    So I went to the website he gave me. It was suspiciously generic and nonspecific. I googled a few phrases from it, and found a ton of identical websites with minor differences (different company names and contact info). Here are three random ones:




    This obviously strikes me as highly suspicious. What's going on here? I tried googling this, but I couldn't find any information. Am I gonna show up and have my wallet taken, or be asked for money, or what?

    I know better than to ever give anyone money for anything, but I also don't want to drive an hour and back if this is just a scam, you know? It may sound cheap, but when you're unemployed you have to watch every dollar.

    ... can anyone who knows what this is about, clue me in? Thanks.

    TL;DR Guy offers me job interview tomorrow, but website is extremely suspicious and seems to be duplicate of other websites.

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    Re: What kind of employment scam is this?

    a quick look at this:


    says it not a job, it's "own your own business opportunity".

    probably MLM.



    clicking on products leads to AMWAY.
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    Re: What kind of employment scam is this?

    Thank you for the reply, but I think you misunderstood; those websites are not affiliated with this guy, they just share the exact same template. There are hundreds of them. Those were just examples of the template that I found on Google.

    So what a particular website might sell isn't necessarily relevant. I'm asking if I should be alarmed by, well, anything about what this guy says, or the fact that the websites share the same template.

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    Re: What kind of employment scam is this?

    the websites share the template because the template was provided by AMWAY. the guy isn't inviting you to his house to hire you for a job - you are being recruited for the AMWAY army.

    that's my guess. i'm usually right.
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    Re: What kind of employment scam is this?

    All the sites you name are templates used by amway affiliates. They just change names and e-mails and they have a new ''website''. If you look at their mail adress you can see the bww dot com extension (amway)

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    Re: What kind of employment scam is this?

    The e-mail address on his particular site is not BWW, but you say that this is a template used exclusively by AMWAY?

    In that case, do you think I shouldn't go? I'm starting to feel like I should skip this one.

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    Re: What kind of employment scam is this?

    Though I would never try MLM (again) you never know what it might be unless you just show up.
    I mean, you're not working now and who knows what the outcome will be by just listening to them...but most likely it's MLM

    Just to let you know, in Jan 2009 I was out of work and was called out of the blue about a "marketing" career. It ended up being an insurance agency. I bought their pitch and didn't make hardly any money the first year, so I left on year 2. I went independent and never looked back.

    I'm so thankful I went to that meeting 3 years ago. I may have hated that particular company but it got my foot in the door and taught me the ropes and now I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

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    Re: What kind of employment scam is this?

    Yes for me those MLM tier referrals are tough, for me that is, I can't do lotions, potions or pills or even insurance, It like would I want someone do that to pitch me that product or service?

    You have to ask yourself, does this make sense in the others persons perspective. I mean insurance is important but the mlm part is a turn off for some reason and also spending time to figure out leadership and skills and offline or online. There are easier ways but no shortcuts..just an easier brighter way.

    Just never give up on yourself to the 9 to 5 job, it sucks but its the truth....However never submit you lost in this race against time and money. I dread answering to a boss and I'm working on a solution or solutions. Never give up. :)

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    Re: What kind of employment scam is this?

    I do not like those landing pages that just scream I am a scammer run! and people still signup on those sites. They will be sending you a lot of spam messages on how you have already made a sale when you are not even a full member.

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