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    Ghostrider 2 Movie Review

    Whoooa where do I start? Ok I guess the mental tard that thought a sequel to this piece of dog crap would be a good idea, should be fired, to start.

    Does Nicolas Cage ever say no to anything thrown in front of him? He's not even good enough to do toilet paper commercials.

    Sooooo bad. Leaving Lost Vegas was one of my favorite movies ever, maybe top 3, so I always cheer for Nick Cage, but man o man, needs to only do cult edgy films. This is horrible. He must've had some new hair plug surgery since they chopped the top of his forehead in almost every scene but it was terribly obvious.

    The story was dumb, the kid was lame, the action was too stretched out with lame dialogue.

    Thank God the movie only cost me $2 at Movies 10 In Rochester. Bad news was popcorn and drink....$10.75. Maybe if I was a Hells Angel or a guy into Motorhead I would like this.....terrible though...almost not even worth downloading for free.

    Here's the trailer (ALL THE GOOD PARTS):

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    Re: Ghostrider 2 Movie Review

    I saw motorhead last summer and I used to own a harley.. AND I STILL HATED THIS MOVIE!!!!

    The acting was terrible and everything just seemed so fake!!
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    Re: Ghostrider 2 Movie Review

    I have watched this movie many times. I never get bored of it. I like the modified bike and the burning view of both bike & rider. In this movie , the stunts done by the rider compel me to watch this movie again & again.

    paradoxed must be nick cage or nick cages mommy
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    Re: Ghostrider 2 Movie Review

    I am pretty sure I had 3 stiff drinks before this movie on a date and would probably laugh or be in awe of anything and it sucked balls, sucked hard.

    paradoxed must be nick cage, the director, producer, or nick cages mom to be saying that nonsense

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