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    Has Anyone Heard of This Business?

    Hi everyone, I am new to the board. I found this site while I was looking for information about potential online business scams. I found an online business that is offering work at home positions processing product rebates. Anyways I checked with the Better Business Bureau to see if this company was registered with them and it appears that they are not. I contacted this company to let them know that I had noticed that they were not registered with the BBB and requested that they send me verifiable proof that they were a legit business, still have not heard anything back from them. Anyways have any of you heard of or know anything about this company? http://globalcreditexpress.com/workcentralhtml. They are a company that is based in Calgary, Alberta. Would appreciate any comments or information if anyone has dealt with this company. I want to make sure that they are indeed legit before I consider employment with them. Thanks and take care :) I must also mention that I am very happy that there are sites such as this one that give us a head's up before we consider employment with these so called online work at home businesses simply because there "ARE" so many scams out there that literally bilk innocent and unknowing hard working folks out of their money. Keep up the good work and thanks again for making such an informative site available to the rest of us....

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    Re: Has Anyone Heard of This Business?

    Rebate Processing Job description

    1)You are independent contractor
    2)You find rebates
    3)You contact rebate owners.
    4)You convince rebate owners to give you commission for finding their rebates.
    5)You fill some forms, get authorizations and so on.
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    Re: Has Anyone Heard of This Business?

    It's tough getting postive feedback on a company. It really is. The Better Business Bureau in my opinion is a worthless organization. I've never once found anything I'm after with them, I think they only exist to extort money from those who have complaints filed against them, similar to the ripoffreport website. Added to which, if you do get taken on some scheme, don't expect a lot of cooperation from the BBB unless it benefits them too. The better business bureau is another one of these agencies who has too much power to influence people. Similar to TRW, and Equifax, these useless companies hold all the cards and PLAY BOTH SIDES of the table. Their interest isn't in consumers like you and me, but that ol mighty dollar.

    My question would be, how long can you find a history on this company, and what amount of complaining can you find. It their history is real short, I'd be skeptical if they asked for any kind of money upfront.

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