mathematically perfected economy briefly a synopsis for everyone.
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Who dose the police officer serve?
The public that creates ALL money on its very conception? *OR*
The criminal corporation that launders a nations circulation & wealth namely the bank?
What then is the difference between a police *officer* & a police *man*?
Is it not that a police man serves & protects the public?
Is it the police officer WHO serves & protects the corporation by extorting revenue from the public on behalf of the corporation by police *force*...police and government have been hijacked by a group of banking elite that are fascist .Gov & all of Parliament & THE QUEEN are OUR mere servants,99% of all taxs goes to bank on unnecessary gov borrowed expenditure,The expenditure debt is nothing if one compares a major chunk of national debt is only the money that local banks have already laundered out of circulation BY FRAUD via our very own promissory obligations to each other NOT TO A BANK.To loan money that money has to exist prior,NO new money ever existed until one of us walks into a bank & signs a promissory note basic logic & 2nd grade maths shows us ALL banks are laundering our monetary circulation unfortunately, most tax is a consequence this but this is not to say the queen has her hands in the pie .The queen gets a % of profits from the our federal reserve bank & the queen banks her own money in the Rothschild's BANK OF ENGLAND ,follow the money & you will see its the banks that rob us, read our constitution sec 128 the gov serves the people for we have the last say NOT the queen..We all have to remember the mind is like a parachute,it only works if its open? If we are to point the finger at anyone it would be ourselves for allowing the theft of OUR WEALTH, regardless who steals it whether it be a queen or at the gas pump *BANKS* is how they perpetually launder OUR wealth by deception & everything else is really a symptom of this .....If your remotely interested in MPEs mandate it will be online before 21st December 2012.The information pertaining in the mandate is paramount to ones freedom which is a complete divorce from the system ,putting it to sheriffs , police , banks, government to? prove to us what consideration a bank gives up in any alleged loan to one of us WHICH THEY CANT.They can drag my ass in court but they will loose with MPE as my defense, the tables will be turned & THEY will be held for treason.