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    The "Off-topic" thread

    Quote Originally Posted by RememberMyName
    I have bolded your comments that say my post are tend to be hate based. By all means Quote me pls, i want to see for myself.

    Please do this as a favour for me, cause when i post i never notice what i post and if its a hate based post. It will help me change my attitude as i think posting something that is base on hate is very negative. So please help me, quote me.
    Okay. I'll just use a quote from recent.

    Quote Originally Posted by RememberMyName
    Excuse me sir, is this going to be another one of your classic thread?

    Editor Cut Scene From Ronnies Golden thread:
    Ronnies: What....prostitution, dcrusty?
    A: What..prostitution = Xyz, thats not right!
    Ronnnies: shut up, im asking dcrusty here!
    A: What you open thread for?!$$
    Ronnies: Im hereby pledge to ignore all your responses and any attempt by you will be met by silence.
    B: Hey what ist this?
    Ronnies: Im asking dcrusty! Only dcrusty alone can answer!
    C: Why dcrusty? answer me!
    Ronnies: You will not be entertained. Im asking only dcrusty!
    Ronnies: I repeat ill ignore all of you except dcrusty!
    This post, typical of many posts of you, or at least definitely of those of your allies on this forum, exemplifies what you have to offer.

    I'm called Ronnie, mis-quoted me and said that I said: "shut up" in that thread, and said it was my "classic thread". It completely lacks anything to do with this thread, totally avoiding the subject matter, and has only to do with your anger and hate towards me.

    You're taking a post about torture of women, and you try to shift focus off of these poor women on to me, which I will have to take as an admission that you cannot win in this debate, and just move on to someone who isn't defeated on the subject.

    I may eventually start a thread of your quotes and that of dchristie and others to further answer this question you've asked.

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    Re: The "Off-topic" thread

    Wow its hard to jump from post to post. I have replied in that post please take a look. I have my reply in there and by the way you can reply at that post.
    Last edited by RememberMyName; 08-15-2006 at 12:13 PM.
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing ."
    - Edmund Burke 1729—1797

    "A leader is someone who ask all the questions and lead others with his own answers while a follower is someone who never ask questions and follow others with his own blindness."
    - Christian A. Fleetwood

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    Re: The "Off-topic" thread

    Ronald, if you persist in starting these kinds of stupid threads I'm going to ban you from the forum. If you want to attack someone do it on the original threads where you take offence, do NOT start any more seaprate threads addressing it.

    Lady Mod

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