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    FLIXSNOW.net FLIXSNOW.com Jack Johnson SCAM

    Flixsnow.com Flixsnow.net Jack Jackson or Jack-off we like to call him is a FAKE, FRAUD, LIAR, CON MAN and all is documented , started the rumor so people would join his multi level marketing crap $25.00 a year rent movie & game biz -- saying he was creator of Magic Jack ... and then he calls himself DOCTOR and spread rumor he was a surgeon....... learn the truth , and lies exposed :2gunsfiring_v1:http://flixsnows.weebly.com :judges:

    Please get this link out and spread the word to help put this con man fraud behind bars -- : also bombard the REAL creator of Magic Jack what this creep is up to Magic Jack/YMAX Corp
    PO BOX 6785, 5700 Georgia Avenue
    West Palm Beach, FL 33405
    561-594-9925 / 561-586-2328

    ALL DETAILS FOUND AT http://flixsnows.weebly.com :rasta:

    Does a company register under a man's name? Who said this Jack-off Jack Johnson was a Doctor of some kind? Who said this Jack Johnson was founder of Magic Jack? What legit company registers their domain name under their own name & what legit company has a GMAIL as email ??? Someone should check the trademark -- would bet $1mill he does not have it or own it!
    this is problem with twisted greedy MLM , so many lies.... so many con artists.... Don't EVEN WASTE your $25.00 for this scam who can't even get a merchant account !!! :freak3:
    In my battle to get refunded the measly $25.00, the liar sends this email: admits he is not the 'creator' of Magic Jack yet this creep has done NOTHING to extinguish the said rumors -- RUMORS we believe he started........ just like the 'doctor' bull :crazy1:

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    Having researched this company thoroughly, I find it hard to believe anyone would get this hell bent over $25. subscription fee given this was pre-launch beta testing stage and everyone knew it. Yes, there were issues with website and back office features, as well as the usual merchant account issues, but come on, you are not even close to posting a legitimate complaint. Merchant processing is up and running after the usual hold almost every company goes through when volume exceeds new account charges. I judge a company on how they handle issues like this, and no one would run a scam using credit cards to begin with.

    First, when I register a domain, if my company was not formed yet, or I already had a hosting account, of course I would register in my own name, so this is hardly a sign of a scam. In addition, would I put my home address if I was a scammer? Jack used his home address, a rather nice home at that, just Google map the address to see for yourself, I did. As to company using gmail, this too was temporary until full support features were activated, which it is now up and running, no longer is a gmail email being used. Many companies who are using mass emailing to members have been forced to use a gmail account, I know I use one as a forward backup to insure I get all emails.

    As to company address, this too is a rather nice corporate office building, I Google mapped it as well knowing so many start ups use a UPS virtual address these days. It would appear to me that Jack was very open about everything from what I have researched. Scammers do not use their real name and home address, nor do they bother with a small subscription of $25.00, they go for the big bucks of several hundred at a minimum if they are intent on scamming customers.

    Who would be crazy enough to start a business of movie rentals knowing that the first person who doesn't get their movie in mail would file a complaint and company would last all of about a month before everyone would know about it. Who would accept credit cards if they were a scam, we all know you have 3 to 6 months to dispute a charge, so sorry, you are way off base.

    Having searched for a history of scams by Jack, nothing showed up, which is near impossible with so many sites like this and hundreds of others where consumers can complain or post about. As to rumors about MagicJack, he clearly reported that he was involved in the first VOIP technology development, not owner of MagicJack. I only heard his partner took it public and left Jack out of deal, which is far from what you reported through someone's miss representation, which I too had seen posted by others. It is so easy to blow the facts up when repeated through a dozen other people. He never claimed what you stated, it was heresay at best.

    As to trying to get a refund of your $25., during beta testing stage, it can be slower than you would like, but come on, I have waited months for refunds from many well established companies, so with Free-FlixsNow currently in pre-launch beta testing stage until July launch, talk about impatience, this is not even close to reasonable time to wait for a refund. Merchant bank is holding 40% of funds given it is new business with large initial volume of sales, so no matter what, you will get your $25. back, but not as fast as you evidently feel you should have. Refunds requre patience with all companies.

    No one likes to be scammed, but you are way off base from what I have researched, and this is about as far from being a scam as I have seen, and I researched hundreds of new companies over the years. It is really sad how vindictive some people are for so little. Seeing you are the one and only complaint I have found in hundreds of searches, I would discount this as useless. It is so easy to file a complaint for no good reason, especially when you are hiding behind a blind post, so for others considering Free-FlixsNow, do your own due diligence, don't take the word of one hell bent disgruntled consumer. if it is a scam, many others would have filed similar complaints given thousands have registered for service in first month.

    We have seen many issues which are being handled, and the input from affiliates have been addressed. Having had several affiliate programs over the years, I know what issues a new business has to deal with in setting up software properly, so knowing this, I give any company more than a month to get these hiccups
    resolved. There is no way you are not going to get your small refund, in fact, I bet you already have. Time will tell, but I don't see any signs of a scam at this point in time, but will report if I do. I got email of movie shipment confirmation, so we shall see if everyone else does too.

    I researched it for using as non profit fundraiser, so until I get my movies, I will remain neutral, but at this early point in time, I will wait and see if anyone else has issues in pre-launch before promoting. Given they offer a free affiliate position, and the value at $2.08 per month is the lowest in the industry, value is what caught my interest first and foremost. Jack would have to be a fool to scam anyone with a program which takes credit cards and is tied to his banking accounts. Time will tell as it always does.

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    Yeah exactly ........ NO HISTORY because no one knows who this JACK OFF is ....... he certainly claimed to someone he had something to do with MAGIC JACK & has let that LIE run rampant, some fool says he was a SURGEON and there is nothing proving this & believe it's JUST ANOTHER LIE RUMOR HE LEFT OUT ...... And once again and again ........ It is not about a lousy stupid $25.00 , it was the way this LIAR handled treatment of my friend who merely asked for a refund LIKE IT WAS STATED THERE IS A MONEY BACK OPTION or guarantee, the man is a TOTAL TOOL -- a ONE ARMED paper hanger who is so incompetent ...... after the receipt was emailed to HIM (GET IT "TO HIM" HE"S A ONE MAN "SHOW") like 100 times, he never understood it was his stupid receipt that he was getting forwarded back to him ...... Anyway the fiasco dragged on since March 7, 2012 to March 24, 2012 until FINALLY someone who had sent the receipt on their personal email BEVERLY or BETSY or whoever MONTGOMERY >>> SHE OR HE IN DISGUISE FINALLY FINALLY SENT A "REFUND" CONFIRMATION BACK (where on March 7th JACK OFF JOHNSON sent my friend an email saying he was mailing her a CASHIERS CHECK but never did and the IDIOT had amnesia he ever emailed that == again even after she forwarded the very email back to the total a**HOLE!!! Trust us he talks his 'Christian " babble that is a con man talking and a total incompetent one person scam -- do what you want DEFEND THE JACK OFF ALL THE WAY TO SEE HIM IN JAIL because YOU are the one just going to LOSE ALL CREDIBILITY in the end when this thing proves to be another JACK OFF SCAM -- JACK JACKOFF JOHNSON may not even be his real name...... who the HECK knows as there is nothing but LIE AFTER LIE out there about him being a DOCTOR and him being the "CREATOR" of MAGIC JACK and so on!
    but don't worry about that as am sure you are just as crooked as he , if we smell a hint of fraud we will not be party -- but you are going to continue to get people's little $25.00 dollars but worse get their hopes up! But magic jack and so forth will not allow this con man to get away with these lies ...... and we are not going to let up until this maniac creep is brought to justice!

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    Free Flixsnow Affiliate Movies Received Update

    As I see it, beta testing was critical to get all the intitial hiccups out of system, never mind the merchant account issue where they typically freeze funds when a company exceeds their limits which all new accounts have to deal with.

    Well, merchant account is working fine, have documented it personally as I evaluate service. There are still issues with data base tracking for affiliates, but having expected these issues knowing what I do, it is how they are handled that counts, not that there were issues of tracking affiliates and commissions.

    Movies have been received personally, as well as for dozens of others I personally know, was it acceptable to wait seven days from email confirmation, that depends, I am on east coast and first distribution center is in CA, so some subscribers got their movies before I did, so time will tell.

    In researching this further, I did send mail to address listed on website, and it was received and responded to. The same was done to verify offices to building management, so yes, they are for real and owner is who he said he is, minus some crazy rumors, and to this day, I have yet to find anything negative about owner, and I have been researching this for months, so I welcome any hard facts from anyone who knows more than I do at this point.

    Sure, there are thousands of scams out there, but in every case they do not use real names, real addresses, USPS which brings in mail fraud charges if a scam, and no scammer with half a brain would use the mail system which brings in federal money laundering charges, so no, I do not think this is a scam. Will it succeed in long term using a flat rate model like other companies have used, who knows, but I do know this, I got my movies and have watched and returned, so we shall see how quickly the next one arrives.

    I will say this, if I didn't get first movie, I would be the first one screaming, but I waited to hear on how many others also got movies before posting update. Every company will have complaints, nothing new here, especially when beta testing stage was well known and everyone knows there will be issues to resolve, and so far, my issues have been corrected. Bottom line, if everyone kept their first movie, would it be worth the $25.00, no, but close depending on which movie you selected, some sell for $25.00 or more, so this would not make sense to try and scam anyone having sent out movies to hundreds in first week alone.

    To this point, the claims of scam are unfounded, as often they are when posted by anonymous first time posters with no credentials. Is it the competition, is it a NetFlix or BlockBuster employee? Is it a movie kiosk franchise owner which feels threatened after spending $25,000. for business opportunity? Or is it just Steve who has personal issues? lol Time will tell as it always does.

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    Re: Free Flixsnow Affiliate Movies Received Update

    Quote Originally Posted by FTC-SCAMS.COM View Post
    To this point, the claims of scam are unfounded, as often they are when posted by anonymous first time posters with no credentials. Is it the competition, is it a NetFlix or BlockBuster employee? Is it a movie kiosk franchise owner which feels threatened after spending $25,000. for business opportunity? Or is it just Steve who has personal issues? lol Time will tell as it always does.
    Wow! Not just an MLM scam, but an MLM scam that concentrates on suckering in non-profits!


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    Re: FLIXSNOW.net FLIXSNOW.com Jack Johnson SCAM

    I been for months they only sent me one video, it only cost them $.45 to sent it . It took than 2 months to send me one video I haven't got a another one form them since I returned that one 3 months ago. :blunt:
    I been blocked from logging in to the my account now. the affiliate site is now under so called maintenance.
    The last few emails they sent were about there new cell phone program and other new add on plans. But they still cant deliver on the video's i think they scamming. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM. YOU WILL NOT GET ANY VIDEOS FORM THEM . Save your $25 for something worth while

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