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    National Awards Commission letter is SCAM

    There are all kind of scams out there! If you received anything saying you won large sums of money like this National Awards Commission that has no number to call and speak to anyone and asking for you to send money in ! I am glad that I never was the one that sucked into their crap and actually sent money in to their company but there are plenty of people that think they won this and that, next thing you know this company ripped you off and took all your money!!!So don't send them anything !!!!!

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    Re: National Awards Commission letter is SCAM

    I too was send this letter among others that said I had won money. The first time I tried to do as the letter said, but don't worry they didn't get any money from me. Why do they do this to people? I am getting tired of getting these get rich quick, and lottery winnings scams. When will someone put a stop to this??? :confused:

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